The 10 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2019

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So, what’s the best part about being in your twenties and having some savings? – Travel! You’ve saved up a bunch of money, checkout out all the travel apps, and trying to find the best places to visit. And now, you’ve hit upon a stumbling block, as to which places are best to visit. Fear not, and keep your savings alive, as we share the top 10 cheapest places to travel in 2019–

#1 Thailand

Seriously, you may feel like laughing and grinning, but Thailand is a great cheap place to travel. Its an exotic destination (technically speaking) that has a lot of culture, great people and lovely ambiance. It’s not all that bad as people might say, and some of their festivals are actually kinda fun. Go to Thailand now!

#2 Nepal

While many would consider Nepal a remote mountain-top region, its actually one of the most beautiful places to visit outside the country. Unlike our local hill stations, Nepal has some amazing tourist’s spots that aren’t yet fully populated. Because of its limited flights and remote tourist places, it’s the perfect place to check out before you get bombarded with uncles and aunties ruining it.

#3 Pattaya

Seriously is that just Thailand again? No! Patty is a beautiful island-adventure type destination that has some of the most gorgeous beaches and cheapest AirBnB options that you can find. It’s unbeatable when it comes to price, and its amazing view makes any coastal city around the world blush. Pattaya should be on your travel list this 2019!

#4 Bhutan

Bhutan is another priceless gem that’s a tourist destination waiting to be explored. Its people are some of the happiest in the world and they have some great valleys and rivers. Bhutan is definitely a favorite for the younger crowd, who wants to get lost in the arms of nature.

#5 Vietnam

A gorgeous country filled with great natural beauty, heritage and culture. It’s got some amazing museums, sightseeing points, and people. Vietnam is one of those few places that still have a lot of exploration left in it, and it’s a definite must-visit for travelers across India.

#6 Sri Lanka

This is the perfect destination for people who don’t know what to do when they’re traveling. The country has a rich history, beautiful beaches, and amazing mountain views. You can literally do whatever you want here and travel to all the major points within a few days. It’s a great unique point, where not a lot of India travelers go to.

#7 Seychelles

It’s a place that’s recommended many times over by people who visit there once. Seychelles is an amazing collection of islands off the coast of the Indian Ocean and has some of the most amazing marine life that you’ve ever seen. Tickets are expensive though, so book 6-7 months in advance.

#8 Diu


Back to India, Diu is a beautiful place with calm waters and beautiful natural life. Diu is the kind of place that isn’t very expensive and has some great dining options in their local cuisine. Its also a great destination spot which doesn’t get populated very fast.

#9 Udaipur

Why Udaipur? Because its unbelievably cheap and it has so much to see. If you’ve done all the beach and mountain life to death, then Udaipur may be the perfect destination for you. Its got some of the most magnanimous castles and forts, and you can even stay inside one if you’re lucky.

#10 Goa


Let’s face it. Your entire trip will be done under 20K and you’ll be left satisfied that Goa is exactly the same as you left it last year. It’s the perfect place for some bachelor fun, as their clubs and nightlife get pretty hot and happening.