10 Comments That Every Single Girl In Her 30s Is Tired Of Hearing

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1. Beta shaadi karle

10 Comments That Every Single Girl In Her 30s Is Tired Of Hearing
source: https://bit.ly/2QttUP7

OMG, can you not? This is probably the worst thing that any aunty or uncle can say to someone who’s single in her 30s. It’s super annoying and worst of all – they make these comments at the worst of situations. It’s terrible! As if marriage is the only that a woman should do!

2. Bacche kab karoge?

Am kids I right? Everybody wants you to have kids because after 35 you can’t have them. But that’s so wrong! You can actually have kids way after your early 30s. In fact, you can freeze your eggs in case you want to have one in your 40s. Technology has advanced ahead, but our society hasn’t.

3. Tujhe ladke pasand nahi hai?

10 Comments That Every Single Girl In Her 30s Is Tired Of Hearing

This is more of a taunt that every mother and aunt like to say to a single girl in her 30s. It’s like a way to get the conversation going about marriage. Of course you’re going to reply “yes aunty”, and then inevitably the next comment is the first on one the list. Don’t fall in this trap!

4. Why do you keep traveling so much?

This is another gem. People think that a single girl shouldn’t travel around the world without a husband. When you make money, you spend money! That’s how we single ladies love to live our lives.

5. But you’re so beautiful, why are you single?

Because none of your damn business! Finding a man isn’t the end of life. Life begins when you love yourself. That is something people don’t know about or try to make everyone conform to. Just because you’re unhappy in your relationship, don’t try to make me a part of the process.

6. You’ve not tried Tinder, Hinge, MeriShaadi.com?

Yes, I’ve tried all these, but I’ve not hit it off with someone yet. Is that a crime? I think not! There are either hook-up apps or marriage apps, nothing in between. That’s the problem these days. Too many apps, not enough relationships to go around. I’d rather read a good book.

7. How will you survive?

10 Comments That Every Single Girl In Her 30s Is Tired Of Hearing
source: https://bit.ly/37i02LB

As if a man is needed to pay for everything we do. Women have more financial independence now than ever before, and it’s creating a shift of power. That’s why we’re not stressed out about financial issues or insecurities. In fact, having a successful career gives us the confidence we need to think freely.

8. Why are you so picky?

If it’s a man that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with, then I’m damn sure going to be picky. I don’t want to settle with any aira gaira. I want to find the love of my life and build a happy Lil’ family together. But if you think I’m picky, then you have lower standards.

9. I’m so jealous of you!

This is a funny one, and it usually comes when someone’s had a fight with their boyfriend or having a tough time in marriage. These are the type of ladies who got married in their early twenties and decided to have kids as soon as they could. They’re following in the footsteps of their mothers and are unhappy.

10. You go girl!

Uggh. Me being single isn’t a statement that I’m making. There is no logical reason why I can’t be single at 30. In fact, cultural trends dictate that my 30s are the best time to fall in love. I’m more independent, financially secure, and able to find someone I truly connect with. I don’t have any pressures in life and I can find a man with whom I truly connect with.