10 Dream Homes you can Totally make your Own Under 100$

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Dream homes are something of a mystery for many of us. When we look at celebrity homes and what all they do, they make us cry and weep. Well, not anymore. We can recreate much of what these dream homes look like, by spending less than $100 on each one of these recreations. You don’t need to break the bank, and with a bit of innovative magic and DIY skills, you can start decorating your interiors the way you want to.

1. The Quintessential Modern Home


Sure, it looks amazing and unreachable, but it can easily be recreated by starting off with the lights. You can pick up these on Amazon on in your local market and hang them above your dining table. The next step to recreating this look is to understand how the light is playing with the surrounding. You should do a quick clean-up of your kitchen and install LED lights that have a soft bounce off shiny surfaces. Lastly, you can take it a step ahead by getting some funky crockeries online that look expensive but are all actually under budget.

2. The Interiors of Dawn


It looks absolutely gorgeous and right out of a royal home in Dubai. How can you recreate the look in under 100 bucks? You should start by understanding how space is being utilized here. The living room has its sofas near the corner and water driving the way forward. You can easily do that moving your furniture towards a corner of the water (facing away from the entrance) and then adding a small water pond or indoor garden near the other side. Go for brown and gold as your theme to create a royal look as well.

3. The Blue Lagoon

Here’s a house that looks right out of an Airbnb super home. You can start recreating the theme by adding two mirrors to each side of a wall and having a small painting in the middle. You can even paint something yourself or ask a friend to do so. The coffee table in the middle adds some class to the look, which can be bought for cheap at a second-hand market. Talk to your local raddi-walla, they know the best deals for this stuff.

4. The Trend Selector


This house looks trendy AF! However, if you’ll look closer there’s not a lot going on. There’s a lot of focus being given to the red chair and the abstract painting in the back. You can recreate the look by adding a colorful piece of furniture and having some bright red accessories thrown around. It’s not that difficult, but it will require a lot of thinking through stuff.

5. The Spacious Dream Home


This one reminds us of the home from Wolf of Wallstreet. Beautiful view and what a spacious area. You can pick up the best parts of this interiors theme by looking at where the decorative pieces are kept. You can get some of these unique designs by visiting your local scrap art dealer and talking to them about picking up a few pieces.

6. The Elegant but Large

Celerie Kemble

Victorian-era dream home anyone? Yes this house looks absolutely gorgeous and takes us to London or France. How can we possibly recreate this look? Well, it’s simple. You start with the curtains. See, the curtains are the thing that are making the house look larger than it actually is. Start with some long-curtains and then proceed to pick up cushion covers that look elegant and British.

7. The Tropical Paradise


This is a perfect home to recreate, especially if you have wooden furniture and a gold brown mix of colors around your living room. Start with a common house plant and palace it in a bowl filled with funky sandstones. Next, try to incorporate as much open air as possible and add some lights in areas where you may not have had light previously.

8. Busy but Clean


This house looks a bit busy but looks elegantly clean with its black and cream combo. This color combination isn’t for the faint of heart and it’s a really bold way to start the day in the morning. When trying to recreate the room we need to remember that the curtains and the paintings are doing half the trick. We can go online and find some dark-side curtains and match them with intriguing posters and paintings

9. The Thai Dream


There are a lot of wonderful Airbnb’s in Phi Phi islands and Thailand that look like this. Even in Miami Florida a lot of places have open area homes like this. It’s definitely a dream home by its appearance, but we can instantly recreate this look by having a larger than life carpet. See, the carpet is doing half the work here and the other half can be captured by the smaller chairs on the corner. If we spread out our furniture and remove barriers between pathways, we can get a good shot at recreating this.

10. The Master’s Bedroom


Hello! What a room. It looks like its right out of a hotel room. What a bedroom. It truly is a master’s bedroom by the looks of it. You can get this look by opting for a mirror, which instantly increases the size of the room, and going for chocolate brown bed covers and sheets. This should make your room more appealing and get you one step closer towards elegance.

11. The Fireplace Finality


Finally, this beauty is a work of art. What a melange of colors and coffee shades. It reminds us of a cabin in the woods or an indie-coffee shop. There are lots of homes just like this that are inspired by celebrity pickups. Here’s what you can do. Start with side tables and sofa cushions. You can get something cheap and brown, and toss in a tall lamp to make your home more royal and egoless.