10 Power Couples Ruling The World

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When people think power couple, they’d probably say Virat and Anushka, or Brad & Angelina. However, there are so many couples out there that the world doesn’t know about or doesn’t think to notice twice. However, the power they yield is amazing and here is a list of those couples combined

#1 Virat & Anushka

Let’s start with V & A and think about how powerful they really are. Virushka’s brand power is set to be at INR 1000 crore in the next 2 years. They’re capturing everything from marriage-related industries to sports, beauty and fitness. This power couple is the true definition of “power” as there are few who are close to them in either of their industries.

#2 Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

Few people know or remember that these two are married but 2017 has been a strong year for both of them. They’ve received immense success in the last few years and have cornered the music and film domains. They’re magical and powerful at the same time. Oh, the kids would be so beautiful!

#3 John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

These two are precious pieces of dew-drop chocolates found inside a giant box of Valentine’s Day gift bags. They’re adorable and are inspiring a generation of young couples to be unique. A singer meets a supermodel – could you ask for a better love story?

#4 Stephen Curry & Ayesha Curry

Many people don’t know these two outside of the US, but within California they are treated as gods and goddesses. They’re basketball and home cooking royalty. They have an adorable daughter who took the internet by storm last year and they have a burgeoning entertainment and fashion line that’s second to none.

#5 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Their combined net-worth is well over $500 Million, with sponsorships and brand deals floating in from all corners. They’re the entertainment superstars who have figured out a way to stay out of trouble and focus on their beautiful children.

#6 Sajjan Jindal and Sangita Jindal

You wouldn’t have thought power-couple when you heard of the word Jindal. But, they’re changing the world one step at a time. One is the chairman of one of India’s largest conglomerates, while his wife is an Eisenhower fellow, who is an advisor at TEDx Gateway and a trustee for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Together the two make a formidable combination of ambition and philanthropy, and a force for change in India.

#7 Jay-Z & Beyoncé

While many would have speculated over their marriage for years, the power couple raked in hundreds of millions of dollars by using this media leverage strategically. Beyoncé focused on becoming empowered as Queen-B, and Jay focused on writing lyrics that were meaningful while working on Tidal. All we can say is – “Slay Queen!”

#8 Rihanna & Hassan Jameel

Rihanna took it one step ahead with her romantic eye, and she picked Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel as her boyfriend. The the couple looks absolutely stunning and has all the potential to become the power couple of the world in 2018.

#9 Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos

Amazon CEO and his novelist wife, are worth almost $100B in net worth. Jeff’s the richest man in the world and is soon to become one of the largest donors to multiple charities.

#10 Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr

Ever heard of ummm… Snapchat? Yeah, Evan’s the founder and CEO of the company. Miranda Kerr’s an accomplished model and superstar in her own right. Together they’re worth well over billions of dollars and influence the younger generation like no other couple.