10 reasons to visit Kolkata thisDussehra-Amitomayabhalobasi Kolkata!

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Dussehra is the time to visit Kolkata and we bet that you can’t stop falling in love with the city. You ought to say Āmitōmāẏabhālōbāsi to the vibrant city after experiencing the festivitiesof Kolkata! Read through the blog to know what is new in Kolkata, not available at your own place, that is worth checking out this Dussehra

1.The Durga Puja pandal hopping

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Durga Puja is the time, which must be experienced at least once in your lifetime at Kolkata only!

You can enjoy pandal hopping with your friends and family and take blessings from the most beautifully adorned idol of Ma Durga. Even if you are not so religious, this city of joy can offer you the time of your life with friends and family. Even if you are alone, you can get drenched in the ecstasy of festivities.

2. Witness modernity blending with traditions

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Durga Puja in Kolkata is no more just about the traditional puja. Several flashy restaurants, adventure rides, shopping stalls compete in the pandals. This is one epic carnival where you can witness the seamless amalgamation of the traditions and modernity. You can seek much more pleasure here than visiting the snazzy malls and eateries.

3. Theme Puja- A twist in the tale!

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Usually its North Kolkata which goes the more traditional way and South Kolkata where the pandals are showier, theme based, heavy crowd pullers and often attract the major sponsors. The design and decoration is usually a team effort that involves artists, designers and community representatives hosting it. The budget required for these theme-based pujas is considerably higher than the traditional pujas and pandals.Theme Pujas are thusthe archetypal part of the celebrations and an advanced version of abstract art.

4. Immerse in the foodies’ paradise!

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The mammoth pandals are not just about the puja and devotion, they are also about the food needed to sustain the thronging crowd. Lot of plush restaurants and even roadside vendors compete for the stalls in Durga Puja. Eating Puchkas (commonly known asgolgappein Delhi), chowmein, jhal muri, aloo tiki, ice creams and kulfis in the middle of night in the vibrant ambience gives altogether different experience that can’t be compared with eating the same thing in some restaurant.

5. The vibrantly ecstatic crowd!

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The Joie de vivre can be experienced in abundance in Kolkata during the Dussehra time. You can see all happy faces around, people donning the best of outfits and the community bonding reaches its zenith. Be a part of this vibrant atmosphere, if you are feeling low for any reason. All your worries will vanish in a fraction of time and you will feel at the top of the world. Happiness is contagious, you see!

6. Maddening traffic

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Yes! This too is one of the reasons to visit Kolkata during the Durga Puja. Government takes all possible measures to maintain a steady crowd flow and the policemen too are on their toes. Irrespective of everything, crowd is inevitable in Kolkata. But yes, this too is something to witness. You can see a variety of people thronging the roads, everyone is dressed up to their best and the spirit is something to look out for.

7. Roads decked up by sparkling streetlights

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Roads are adorned by the sparkling lights of various colors. The streetlights are all bright and additional lighting is done to enliven the complete ambience. It is great fun while you are pandal hopping and just passing by the streets, the different light arrangements and the beautiful decorations are sure to melt your heart and take your soul to dazzling and blissful realms.

8. No one can stop you from enjoying the night life!

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This is a great time for the youngsters to live the night life to the fullest without their parents being cynical about it. It is safe even late night as you will see lot of crowd be it any time of the day. Durga Puja cannot be confined to the boundaries of time. During these festivities, you can savor the best of fun, food and enjoyment, even if it means the middle of the night!

9. Live celebrity shows and the contests

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Dussehra is the best time in Kolkata when you can see several celebrities performing live at various pandals. There are singers, dancers and all sorts of entertainers engaging the crowd. Lot of competitions are organized for the children and elders both to showcase their talent, participate in the fun and win prizes of course!

10. Dashami

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Kolkata is fondly called as the Dussehra capital of India! The spirit of the festivities in Kolkata, can’t be replicated anywhere else. You will find the city lit up to its full glory with music, lights, decorations, food and the happy people around. Also, there are emotional vibes in the air as Goddess Durga is immersed on this day. Married ladies participate in ‘SindurKhela’ and they look exceptionally beautiful donning the traditional red bordered white saree and red sindur smeared on their faces. It is undoubtedly an occasion to be witnessed by one and all!

Reading through the blog must have given you goosebumps by now. Imagine, what it would be to actually be a part of Durga Puja celebrations in Kolkata and getting soaked in the feeling of boundless bliss, gratitude and the true community feeling. So, plan your itinerary soon and head to Kolkata this Dussehra!




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