10 Unconventional Bollywood Pairings That Pleasantly Surprised Us With Their On-Screen Chemistry

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Who would have known that many of these couples on-screen would blow us away with their chemistry? Not only are some of them veteran actors but many give new hope for us simple people to find unconventional love. Single no more! We need to get out there and find someone that completes us just like they do.
Sometimes actors just blow us away with their performance. That’s when you truly understand that a commendable performance has been given. While many of these actors came on screen for a brief few seconds, they stunned us with the deep understanding of each other. It’s like they were meant to be, but in another universe – WOAH! That’s deep.

#1 Ranbir Kapoor and Dia Mirza (Sanju 2018)
We would have never imagined how well this unconventional pairing performed, as Ranbir totally took on the character of Sanjay Dutt. His expressions, his mannerisms, and the way he acted was superb. The storyline was great and there were many moments of honesty hidden between lines. The way that Dia Mirza’s character understood Ranbir’s was amazing. Her calming presence provided strength to Ranbeer’s erratic nature in the film. It was a love story for a lifetime.

#2 Naseeruddin Shah & Dimple Kapadia (Finding Fanny 2015)
Finding Fanny is as unconventional as you can get. With Dimple Kapadia’s character being fully explored by Don Pedro (Pankaj Kapoor), we have the classic white knight in Shah’s character. The love story is brimming with optimism, relaxation and comfort. As time passes, we can only imagine how much these two love birds would have been enjoying their lives if the movie had a part 2. They would have been together through thick and thin.

#3 Irrfan Khan & Deepika Padukone (Piku 2015)
2015 was a good year for unconventional movies, that were hatke and had more experimentation. Everyone was sick and tired of using formulas that were popular a decade ago. While the industry was booming a brilliant movie – Piku took all the awards and accolades. Irrfan Khan played one of the best roles of his life in this movie as it went from journey to journey. He played it with confidence, which was something that Deepika’s character was seeking for a long time.

#4 Vidya Balan & Manav Kaul (Tumhari Sulu 2017)
This was probably one of the best movies made last year. It also gave us the iconic song – Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani. Such a romantic couple, starring a hardworking Manav doing everything he can to make the family run smoothly. He supported every entrepreneurial dream of Vidya, as she went from one opportunity to another. When the odds were against his favour and the situation seemed dire, they never left each other’s companies which told a very simple tale with a strong message. Love is forever.

#5 Rahul Bose & Mallika Sherawat‎ (Pyaar Ke Side Effects 2006)
What an explosive couple! Both people were so different and had such an interesting chemistry between them. It was an instant classic when the movie came out, and people fell in love with the concept of fun romance again. It was also a classic representation of how couples were in reality that time. The fear of the girl’s papa, the overbearing nature of the boring husband, etc.

#6 Akshay Kumar and Radhika Apte (Padman 2018)
Padman was a revolutionary film in the way that it portrayed what it takes to bring change. The on-screen pairing was uniquely relevant to today’s times, as men need to treat their women like queens. That’s been one of the biggest potentials of this movie and an added factor in the singular storyline. He was an interesting fellow in real life, and Akshay captured that perfectly. Radhika was a great energy that fitted the role well too.

#7 Jacqueline Fernandez and Sidharth Malhotra (A Gentleman 2017)
It’s the perfect fairy-tale ending for this on-screen pairing that is madly in love in real life as well. With the balancing and calming energy of Sidharth, Jacqueline’s more energetic vibe fits perfectly. Siddharth had been dating many girls before that and now he seems like he’s found the perfect one for him. She’s one of the hottest ladies in Bollywood, and him one of the most handsome.

#8 Bhumi Pednekar & Ayushmann Khurrana (Dum LagaKe Haisha 2014)
Talk about unconventional, the will to win was enough to unite this power couple. While Bhumi was herself an unconventional choice for a lead role, the experiment paid off as she won accolades from everywhere. Ayushmann was a clear winner in the race for lead hero as well, as he complemented Bhumi perfectly in the process. He wasn’t shy about taking the challenge head on and the pair had some of the best moments of that year.

#9 Diljit Dosanj & Anushka Sharma (Phillauri 2017)
Their paring was an interesting one, if you ever want to land a girl who’s traditional and down to earth. Anushka played the quintessential Punjabi pride and Diljit the hopeless romantic. Both made promises to each other and stayed true to themselves till the end. It’s one of those perfect love stories, where love prevails after all challenges.

#10 Amitabh Bachchan & Tabu (Cheeni Kum 2007)
This movie came out over a decade ago but is still so fresh in our hearts. It was a truly unconventional movie that spoke about how love knows no boundaries whether that’s age or societal norms. It really questioned everything we knew about love, and many people still doubted the movie’s intentions. However, it opened up a lot of hearts and minds about how anyone can fall in love with anyone else. Love can be however unconventional as needed.