10 Vows to take this Republic Day which will completely change you and the nation as a whole!


Republic Day is just around the corner and we bet, you’re thinking of spending it by lousing around like you usually do on any other holiday. But if you really want to get up and make a difference, here are some super easy and doable things that you can do this 26th of January which are surely going to change the nation for better and are much fruitful than just wearing tricolor garments or putting up patriotic facebook posts.

1. Planting a tree in your neighborhood would not just make the Earth greener but would reap you a plethora of health benefits as well. Take a pledge of making your nation greener and happier by sowing some seeds or planting a sapling and take care of it the way you’d take care of a new born baby.

  1. Segregating your wastes and start indulging in composting. It’d be even more awesome if you successfully convince at least one person for taking it up along with you. Waste management and composting would teach you how to put egg shells, autumn leaves, peels and many other organic leftovers can do wonders to the soil and are a lot more important than just lying in the trash cans.


3. Treat your sons and daughters equally. Bid goodbye to gender discrimination and spread awareness about shunning inequalities between boys and girls. Your words of learning can actually help in generations of young kids growing up with the idea of equality across all genders.

4. Stand strong against all those people who objectify women or look down upon them. Not just that, call out every sexist, racist, classist, homophobic or misogynist person. We have had enough of them already

  1. Spend your birth day with the downtrodden and/or underprivileged kids. Celebrate your day by spreading smiles and happiness. The love that they would reciprocate would surely fill your heart with delight.

6. Adopt a stray animal and see how it changes your life for the better. Having a little animal around would make you very responsible and affectionate

  1. If you are not allowed to or cannot have a pet, make it a point to feed the street cows, dogs and cats regularly. Don’t feed them the food staling in your fridge, feed them well.

8.  Minimize the use of plastic as much as you can. Switch to organic, bio-degradable and eco-friendly products like metal straws, bamboo toothbrushes and glass water bottles. While going for shopping, carry your own cloth bags which would not just save the environment a little but you’d also not have to pay that extra 4-5 rupees for the plastic bags.


  1. Replace fancy, shiny gift wrapping sheets with old newspapers. The latter is not just environment but wrapping a gift with newspaper is way easier and looks way tidier than the wrapping done with those glossy gift wrappers.
  2. Promise yourself to eat healthy and take care of yourself. To make the well better, you need to keep yourself fine at first. Indulge in self-care and make it a priority to choose your mental health over toxic relationships and toxic people in your life.

These were some amazing things that would completely change the meaning of Republic Day for you and will make the world a better place to live in.


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