How snapchat, insta filters have changed the definition of beauty in this digital world.

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Beauty was once reserved for the elites on camera or your local beauty queen competition. Now, its everywhere and young kids are copying what they see online. It’s not just about watching a Kardashian on Instagram, its about how they shift trends in culture for the worse. With lip injections and implants at the age of 16, these online “influencers” are having a severe impact on our definition of beauty.

We used to criticize the music videos that we saw on TV. With all the booty shaking and the rubbish treatment of women, our minds were shaped at a young age. Now, with all the access we have to Instagram models and make-up gurus, we don’t know what to believe or who to believe. And so, we start to find reality in fiction. We start doing what they do, talking how they talk and imitating their body language subconsciously. Anybody remember Paris Hilton? She’s not around anymore but 10 years ago she was the “It girl”, until everyone realized how shallow she really was.

Now, there are so many It girls, that its hard to keep track of and publicly “call out” any of them. This is why social media has become more focused on “media” than “social”. We’ve decided to collectively get jealous of these girls’ lifestyles and simultaneously start changing our sense of beauty. We’ve started to want bigger butts and bigger lips, when they weren’t even in fashion 10 years ago. It’s a whole cycle of manipulation and change, and we’re constantly being dragged from one fad to another.

Some of the things that are awesome about Snapchat and Instagram are that we get to see what kind of clothes, hairstyles and shoes are becoming popular today. That’s pretty awesome, and we think that opens up space for so much creativity in our everyday lives. We can try out different hairstyles, share it with friends and do silly stuff. But when we start to think about becoming influencers ourselves, we start to manipulate our audiences. This is where we need to calm down and remember to not do social media if we aren’t having fun with it.

You don’t even know what post is paid for and what is not. There were a whole lot of online influencers who got sued because they were promoting unhealthy teas and makeup kits to young audiences. They didn’t reveal that they were getting paid for these posts, meanwhile hundreds of people got sick off the products they were promoting. The power of influencers is immense if we’re gullible. So, we need to remember to use our judgement wisely.

So many Instagrammers have fake followers! A lot of researchers have suggested that it could be close to 40% of total followers. That’s huge! You can easily buy thousands of fake likes and comments and create buzz around your name. This sucks because everyone thinks that becoming an influencer is easy. Just post pretty pictures and you get likes. And when the likes don’t come, we feel less confident about our bodies and appearances.

Ladies, accept who you are and work towards becoming independent – financially and emotionally. That’s what lasts longer than fad social medias. First there was myspace and orkut, and now there are Instagram and snapchat. We’re still the same people!