10 Weird Things that People Who Lose Weight Fast Experience

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Many of us deal with body-weight issues and would do anything to get in that “perfect” shape. A lot of people deal with body shaming on a daily basis and crave to fit in that 28 inch waist jeans. Obesity is bad for the health and the heart as well. While some work hard, hit the gym or play sports, many choose to shed some pounds by trying out some quick ways and lose weight fast. Here are some unexpected things that these people experienced after they got closer to that shape they dream of:

  1. A woman who lost weight fast complained of feeling cold all the time now. She has to wear a sweater, a long sleeve, a sweatshirt and then a huge coat to survive the winters. Now, she understands the struggle of people who have to layer up in the chilly weather.
  2. A guy who recently shed a whopping 65 pounds, noticed how people’s behavior changed towards him. Even though this change wasn’t something he didn’t expect but what really surprised his is the resentment that he got from some of his friends who were now slight heavier than him. Obviously, they were unhappy and started feeling insecure.
  3. A girl who went to 175 from 230 realized that once you lose those extra kilos, alcohol starts hitting you quicker and you get drunken way more easily than you used to when you were overweight.

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4. A person just got a new life altogether ever since she lose weight fast. She can now breathe better, sleep better, have an improved mood and even her knees stopped to hurt. Losing weight also helped in improving her life to a great extent as her anxiety and depression went out of the window, just like her weight! Her health improved as well and she is happier than ever now.

5. A 28-year old who went from eating fried and greasy food to just vegetables and fruits mostly has experienced a lot of changes after she lose weight fast. Now, she doesn’t have to spend a long time taking a dump in the loo, so…umm, she loses the toilet paper a lot less and oh, shopping for clothes has become all fun and games for her now.

6. One common thing that many people who lose weight fast experienced was how people’s behavior towards them changed drastically. Once you stop being overweight, people actually start treating you with more respect and love. It’s really sad, but really true.

7. A woman who recently shed out some extra pounds realized that it’s not just the friends and relatives who treat you differently once you’re thing. Even the strangers, who would never look at her, now make eye contact and some would even pass a smile at her.

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8. A man lost more than 90 pounds a year back and he was shocked to realize how he couldn’t fit into most of his underwear. He has to spend a lot of money in replacing them with new ones and not just that, even his shoe size decreased to a size smaller. Man! Buying new undergarments and shoes, which must have burned a hole in his pocket for sure!

9. A man in his twenties was surprised how girls started getting attracted to him after he lose weight fast. He went on numerous dates with beautiful girls, attractive girls started hanging out with him more and people started acknowledging his good sense of humour too.

10.A woman, who recently transformed from being ‘fat’ to fit, admitted the not-so-good consequences of lose weight fast. Her kids don’t like cuddling her these days as she has lost all the pounds and is not “soft” anymore. Ah! That’s a heavy price to pay for not being heavy!
How to Lose Weight in a Month/30 DaysThese were some of the crazy, bizarre and quiet unexpected things that people experienced once they lose weight fast. Although some had to face the repercussions, for most of the people, it was extremely joyful and makes them love themselves and their lives even more.



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