11 Bollywood Celebs Who Are Now Proud Vegetarians

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The world is slowly but surely coming to terms with environmental concerns, cruelty towards animals and the variety of diseases that can potentially get transmitted to humans due to meat consumption. There is a visible shift among people to move towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious diet which is vegetarianism.

Bollywood stars have been at the forefront of any emerging trends and adopting vegetarianism is no different. There have been many instances where typical meat-loving celebrities have moved to a vegetarian diet and have been consciously promoting the positive effects of doing so.

In this article, we will check out the 11 Bollywood celebs who have made the shift towards becoming vegetarians.

1.Alia Bhatt

source: https://bit.ly/2Pw5jrA

Not a vegetarian by birth but by choice, Alia Bhatt’s shift towards vegetarianism came to light in 2017 when she was voted by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) as the year’s Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity.

She disclosed the reasons for turning to vegetarianism primarily for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. She believes it to be an important way of leading a healthy life.

2. Jacqueline Fernandes

Jacqueline’s love for animals is very well-known. She has been an active voice for PETA and has adopted a vegetarian lifestyle for many years. She has also started a vegetarian restaurant in Colombo to create awareness on the benefits of vegetarianism. Apart from this she also supports NGOs which work towards protecting stray animals.

3. John Abraham

source: https://bit.ly/3a6ewi6

Hard to believe that such a ripping body with fab abs can be maintained through a vegetarian diet? John Abraham is a living testament to this fact. His love for animals made him switch from a meat-based diet to plant-based nutrition. We can vouch for the way his body has remained drool-worthy even after this transition, isn’t it?

4. Shahid Kapoor

source: https://bit.ly/2uyGxjc

Perhaps one of the most vocal advocates of vegetarianism, Shahid Kapoor has been living a vegetarian life for over a decade now. The story goes that his father, actor Pankaj Kapoor, gifted him a book called ‘Life is Fair’ by Brian Hines which prompted him to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. He is also an active member of PETA and gets involved int their campaigns from time to time.

5. Sonam Kapoor

Sonam has been following a strict vegetarian diet for a few years. She has also been voted by PETA as the ‘Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity’ in 2016. Her eating habits have also impacted her fashion choices. She has a strict no-no for animal leather dresses and cosmetics made of animal by-products. The latest news from her side is that she has given up on dairy products as well and turned to a completely vegan lifestyle.

6. Amitabh Bachchan

source: https://bit.ly/2TpzX6W

The Big B of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan has been a vegetarian since 2000. Bachchan has been regularly making lifestyle changes since his young age and has been vocal about giving up on eating meat, rice, aerated drinks, alcohol and smoking over the years. His favorite food is the arharkidaal along withbhindikisabji.

7. Akshay Kumar

source: https://bit.ly/2PwYhTD

One of the more recent entrants in the vegetarian club, Akshay Kumar professed love for vegetarian food in 2019. It was a part of his overall approach towards a more holistic lifestyle, devoid of alcohol, tobacco and any other toxins harmful for the body.

8. Anushka Sharma

source: https://bit.ly/3cifxW8

Anushka Sharma was named PETA’s Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity in 2015. She has widely advocated the benefits of vegetarianism over the years and has played an important role in providing shelter to stray animals across Mumbai through her NGO. Recently, she was also instrumental in converting her husband and ace cricketer, Virat Kohli, to a vegetarian lifestyle.

9. Kangana Ranaut

source: https://bit.ly/2VtNdtX

Kangana used to be a meat-lover till her body started showing the ill-effects of its consumption. She immediately made the switch to a vegan diet, giving up meat as well as dairy products. This move has done a world of good to her health and body and she is loving it completely.

10. Sonakshi Sinha

Everyone is aware of how Sonakshi Sinha has been battling weight-related issues over the years. She found solace in transforming herself through a vegetarian diet and it has yielded wonderful results. Gone is the plump looking Sonakshi and here we have now a superstar with a svelte body.

11. Aamir Khan

source: https://bit.ly/2vnISxY

Last, but not by any means least, we have Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan rounding off our list. Aamir confessed to becoming a vegan in 2015. We all know how Khan magically transforms his body depending on his movie characters. This has been made possible to a large extent because of the removal of meat and dairy products from his daily diet.

If you have been giving a thought of going vegetarian/vegan for some time, hope you will find inspiration from these Bollywood celebrities and adopt a healthier lifestyle.