12 Old-School Games That’ll Make Desi Kids feel nostalgic

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Ah 90s games! Weren’t the 90s the best time ever. We had Nickelodeon, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Phantom cigarettes, and Mango Frooti. We didn’t need anything else as we went from the cricket park to the building basement. We were young, free and didn’t have a care in the world. If one of us had a Tamagotchi, we would come to their house more often. With cyber cafes and online gaming, we shifted everything inside, where we would once do everything outside. Here’s 12 old-school games that’ll make any desi kid feel ultra-nostalgic –

#1 UNO

While we still play UNO with our friends, the pleasure of destroying your BFF on a +4-double turn was the best. You can’t compare to it today because we’re all so distracted on our phones and everything. UNO made our childhood complete, and that’s we learned about the art of war – one mustn’t completely crush their enemy but given them a sliver of hope so that you can crush them publicly later on. LOL!

#2 Street-Fighter (1&2)

If you were a gamer child then you know what we’re talking about! SF2 was probably the best game ever, and we had so much fun playing it with our friends and family members. There’s no better feeling than to destroy your siblings on a combo-move.

#3 Mortal Kombat

Remember this? Scorpion would defeat anyone that lay in front of him. This is where cheat codes became so famous!

#4 Aladdin (PC)

Everyone’s PC had this game preinstalled, and we would play for hours trying to get all the apples. It was similar to Prince of Persia, but the graphics were unlike anything we’ve seen before. This was nostalgia and Disney literally tearing us to bits.

#5 Wolfenstein 3D

It wasn’t really 3D but we could kick down doors and kill Nazis. Sign us up anytime!

#6 Tetris

Remember playing this old calculator/game? It was so frustrating, and we would be so jealous of the kid that would be good at it. Tetris was a thrill of an adventure and a great game that we would play between classes.


Dustin’ off a classic here! FLAMES was literally what we would play all day, trying to figure out our marital status in the years to come. It was like matching Kundalis and we believed every second of it.

#8 Saap Seedi (Snakes and Ladders)

What a maze of a game. There are so many fond memories of playing this old school game in trains or during a long-weekend. Adventures galore!

#9 Ludo

To this date, we still play Ludo, both on an app and in-person. Ludo’s an awesome game invented to test out the theory that your BFF won’t backstab you when you weren’t paying attention.

#10 Scrabble

That moment when you spell Scrabble on a Scrabble board! Legen….dary!!!

#11 Kanche (Marbles)

This was such a craze back in the day! We would be in the park, getting some sunlight and playing with these gorgeous beaded marvels of nature. It was a science and sports lesson all in one.

#12 Lattu (Top)

Your childhood was incomplete, if you didn’t go to a hill station and buy a Lattu from the local store. Spin them on your hand, or make your friends go crazy by spinning them on your classroom benches.