15 simple and smart ways to avoid food wastage in our day-to-day lives

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We have been grappling with the problem of wastage of food in India for long. Most of our wedding ceremonies and other merry-making rituals are not completed without having a food extravaganza.

Although we invite too many people to our parties, not all of them can make it and the ones who do, waste a lot of food as they are on a spree to taste everything available and throw away the leftovers.

According to a study, about one-third of the food produced for human consumption in the world gets wasted. Numerically it comes down to a whopping 1.3 billion tonnes!

We all should play our part in being responsible world citizens and save the food wastage by all means. The topic is so vast that we can go for an endless wastage of food essays.

But, to cut a long story short, listed below are the causes of food wastage and a few smart ways that you can apply every day to avoid wastage of food.

1. Don’t splurge on foodstuff while shopping

The problem with going to a supermarket is that you feel like having each and everything and you end up stocking up a lot of food in your home. But, over some time, you forget about what all you have and the food gets expired.

So, remember to buy less and save more, the next time you go shopping!

2. Avoid going shopping on an empty stomach

You might find it ridiculous, but as a matter of fact, you tend to buy a lot of food when you go shopping on an empty stomach.

If you are thinking that this is a joke, try doing it next time!

3. Check the expiry date before buying

When you are on a shopping spree, all that you can see are the attractive products and you tend to overlook their shelf life altogether.

So, make it a habit to check the expiry date every time you buy a food product.

4. Store your food in the right place

If you are the one who loves to buy a lot many food products at a time, make sure you store your food in the right place.

For example, some food might need to be refrigerated while some others might need to be stored in dry and airtight containers.

5. Learn the art of food stocking

Many people love stocking up food, but not all are adept at the art of food-stocking. When you are stocking up food like pickles, you have to be very careful in using the right ingredients in the right amounts and store them properly. Else, you might end up wasting a lot!

6. Don’t cook too much at a time

 Of course, we don’t intend you to stay hungry, but at the same time, it’s a valuable suggestion that, don’t end up cooking in huge quantity.

We all are well aware of our diet and the diet of our family members.

Make it a point to cook in optimum amounts!

7. Don’t waste the leftover food

If the food hasn’t spoiled, then there is no harm in eating the leftovers.

When you think of cooking fresh food every time and throwing away the leftovers, just because you are too bored to eat it, just remember the face of a hungry child!

8. Don’t over-serve food

Source: Washingtonian

You must play a warm host but remember to not over-serve food to your guests. Your guests may not hold a liking for some food and obviously, they won’t tell you that.

So, instead of wasting food, use small plates and cups and try to gauge their liking, before you serve them further.

9. Declutter your fridge intermittently

The fridge is one place that can keep holding a lot of crap if we fail to keep a track!

Well, if you have a fridge with a lot of capacity, you tend to keep stocking food and keep forgetting what all you have stocked up.

So, get rid of the clutter in your fridge intermittently to utilize the food items within their shelf-life.

10. Use the mantra “First in- first out”

While you are storing food, especially in a refrigerator, make a mind map about utilizing the space.

Always make sure that the food that goes in comes out first. This way, you will be able to avoid a lot of wood wastage

11. Try food apps

Food apps are a savior for the absent-minded people.

So, if you graciously accept yourself to be one of them, download a food app now to keep a track of your stocked-up food items!

12. Order limited food while you are dining out

Every restaurant offers different portion sizes.

So, when you are out with your friends and family, make sure you check the portion size with the steward and ordered limited food at the inception. You can always order later.

13. Get creative when you see some food on the verge of spoiling

Yes, experiment with food and cook something creatively if you see some foodstuff on the verge of spoiling.

For example, if some veggies are getting spoilt, you can always try making soups or some healthy smoothies.

14. Avoid snacking between your meals

 This is true especially if you have cooked your next meal.

If you start munching on junk just before your mealtime, you are very likely to skip your meals, especially if it is ‘boring’.

You can go for a few appetizers but avoid snacking just before mealtime.

15. Give away the good food in time


If you are more likely to not eat some foodstuff, then make it a point that you give it to someone who needs it, when the food is in edible condition. It could be a poor child or a beggar or anyone who needs it.

It is rightly said that without suffering, there can’t be compassion. Since most of us are fortunate enough to have got the best food all our lives, many of us tend to forget the value of food.

Try visiting poor and hungry people and distribute food to them. And, watch the joy on their faces even if you serve them the most basic food.

And then try to remember, have you ever felt that kind of happiness by eating in the plushest restaurant?