17 Photos That Were Too Ironic Life Is All About Laughs

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We, humans, are the smartest species and also the dumbest! What? You don’t trust us? Well go ahead and take a look!

1. Is this a job vacancy ad or a ‘Swach Bharat’ campaign, we are a little confused!

2. Freedom

Yes, he definitely looks free!

3. This bird has got some balls!

4. We will fit, We will fit, We will fit!

We are not sure if that counts buddy!

5. Do hell with obedience training, I am a rookie!

6. Either they were actually trying to be ironic or they are just dumb!

7. Talk about perfect taglines!

Source : Unknown

8. When your dog tells you that you are not a dummy but a failure on the face of this Earth! Ouch! that’s a cold look buddy!

9. Some genius came up with this solution while he was smoking up!

10. Yes, this looks safe to me!

11. That is one hell of an innovation! ‘Invisible Spray for Invisible Stains for Real Money’

12. This is one of the ‘In Your Face’ moments for the teacher!

13. Challenge Accepted!

14. Must reconsider flying in American Planes!

15. This driver took the slogan Literally!

16. Nananana Na Na Na Na ‘Thug Life’ playing in the background in our heads!

17. We have seen everything now!

If you have captured any ironic moment, share in the comments!


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