3 Ways To Avoid People Who Always Ask Personal Questions

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It’s 2019 and some people still cannot seem to mind their own business. Poking noses in your matters, asking you personal questions like your salary and questions about your relationship status, sometimes even about your sexuality, it gets annoying to the core. Even as you are reading this, there are already a few people that have come to your mind, isn’t it? Sometimes, it’s just one nosy person, sometimes it is a group of them. Whatever be the scenario, who wants to get stuck here? Here are some great ways that are tried and tested (by me) to avoid this kind of person. Read on!

1.Stay alert to get the hints that are hinting towards an upcoming nosiness

stay alert

The human sense works in mysterious, but magical ways. Whenever your brain can sense that there is going to be some unnecessary prying from someone around you, it sends you signals. You can either guess from their voice tone or you can sense the flow of questions and where they are directed. The moment you understand that, be smart about how you can avoid the person and the questions altogether. Start fiddling with your phone, or get on a fake call. Just try to show that you are busy and engaged in something important on your phone or whichever device you are carrying.

2. Start Being Brutally Honest


Because, admit it, nobody likes that version of you. Brutal honesty, dashed with a sprinkle of sass and nobody will like that combination. By nobody, we mean the nosy people. So, if you have not done it in the past, it’s never too late. For example, when someone asks you when you are getting married, tell them a completely honest answer. I sometimes tell people “I will, I will get married. But first, ask my mum to find me a nice girl.” (I am a girl, by the way!) This always works. People have now actually stopped asking me at all.

3. Do not show any interest in the conversation whatsoever


These personal questions are sometimes thrown at you unexpectedly out of nowhere. But mostly when you are talking to people (relatives, friends, colleagues), you already know the kind of person they are. For such people, it is better that you do not show any interest or enthusiasm in the conversation right from the beginning. Whatever be the topic, you know they are going to eventually ask you something that you do not want to answer. Ignoring the conversation and giving short replies right from the beginning won’t give them any chance to go deeper and throw in nosy questions at you. So, win-win!

We understand how much of a pain nosy people can be. Sometimes you can escape and avoid the questions. But sometimes, you are just trapped and cannot escape. For times like those, just take a deep breath and get out of it as quickly as you can.


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