5 complications due to excess usage of mobile phones

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Have you ever woken up abruptly from sleep feeling that your mobile phone is stolen/misplaced? Or, do you get so engrossed while using a mobile phone that you lose a track of time and people around you? Beware, these are early symptoms of risks associated with excessive use of mobile phones. The people nowadays have become so dependent on mobile phones that they are exposing themselves to serious health hazards. These risks could prove fatal if course correction is not done within due time.  Here are some of those complications that could arise due to excessive usage of mobile phones:

Risk# 1: Cancer

Source: www.thepost24.com/featured/cancer-one-deadliest-diseases-known-mankind/

Various health studies have suggested that people talk on the phones for several hours a day are 50% more prone to brain cancer. Mobile phones emit certain kind of radio waves which, if exposed to for a longer duration, may lead to damage of brain cells and spread of cancerous tumour. However, the same reports also mention that for mobile phone radiations to be held truly accountable for cancer development, it requires 20-25 years of exposure. Nonetheless, one must be cognizant of the dire consequences of long-term exposure to mobile phones.

Risk# 2:Sleep Disorder

Source: www.thehealthsite.com/diseases-conditions/melatonin-the-hormone-that-lulls-you-to-sleep-673952/

People are habituated to using their mobile phones well past midnight, mostly for chatting with friends and family, scrolling through social media or playing games. This has led to reduced sleeping hours along with arrhythmic sleep patterns, as the person is constantly alert to any notification in the middle of the night. In fact, medical studies conducted across age-groups suggest that average sleeping time has reduced to less than seven hours, well below the eight hours considered necessary to rest and rejuvenate the brain and body.

Risk# 3:Road accidents

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If you are habituated to use a mobile phone while driving or while walking on the road, then you are causing a risk not only to yourself but to others around you. Your ignorance towards surroundings can distract other people leading to accidents. Using mobile while driving or crossing roads increases response time, reaction to road signs and oversight towards any pitfalls. If you think using the mobile phone in a “hands-free” mode is a safer option, it is not.

Risk# 4: Infertility and Pregnancy-related

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Radiations emitted by a mobile phone are known to have decreased sperm count in males resulting in increasing instances of infertility today. On the other hand, pregnant females exposed to mobile radiations for a long period may affect the development of foetus inside and cause neo-natal and prolonged diseases in the child.

Risk# 5: Hearing impairment

source: global.widex.com/en/blog/hearing-impaired-phone-solution

Earphones are one of the most popular accessories for mobile phones. Youngsters are constantly seen listening to loud music through earphones plugged into their ears. Electromagnetic fields generated from sound waves may hamper the hearing function on a permanent basis. People used to talking or listening to loud music continuously on their mobile phones have been observed to lose their sensitivity to certain sound frequencies over a period of time.

So, next time you are craving for spending incessant amount of time on your mobile phone, think again! You may be doing irreparable damage to yourself.