5 Cool Couple Tattoo Ideas for You to Get with Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

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When you are all about that coochie-coo life, but you don’t know what to get this Valentine’s look no further than a great tattoo. You can get something matching or something that means a lot to both of you.When in doubt, tattoo each other’s initials somewhere discreet. While getting a tattoo is becoming popular now, you should get something that means something to you deep down. Don’t just get a tattoo because it looks cool or has some sort of vibe to it. Couples that want to mix things up, go with a killer combo-tattoo.
Here are 5 Tattoo ideas for partners on VDay

#1 Lettered and Discreet

This is such a perfect looking tattoo and it hides well so that annoying aunties won’t ask you questions. Be careful though as its on the bicep muscle which may be prone to tingling when getting it there. The words, the vows and the commitment to one another is a sacred thing. This tattoo is the perfect expression of that!

#2 Chai lovers

Do ya’ll love chai and can’t get enough of it? Then get a tattoo that symbolizes just that! Its perfect and meaningful to you. And nobody will come to know the deeper meaning behind enjoying chai time. Tattoos are forever, and symbolize hope, love and a great future. Why not symbolize that with a great cup of chai? 😛

#3 I can feel your heartbeat

If your bae is literally everything in life, then you can symbolize that with the heartbeat tattoo that you can check out after measuring your own. What you can also do is speak your partner’s name into a mic and get a tattoo of the soundwave. Either way, these hidden-meaning tattoos are quite popular now and everyone wants to be a part of the trend.

#4 Lock & Key (momentous)

This is a great one if you’re the type of person who loves holding hands with bae. For the couple that loves to be together and has gone through history, the lock & key tattoo is perfect for them. You are my sunshine and you have the key to my heart. Is there anything more romantic than that? We think not!

#5 Finger Sleeve (ring finger)

Finger sleeve tattoos are quite cool, in that they replace a traditional wedding ring with a promise wrapped inside a sleeve. You can get inked where you got hitched and commemorate that moment with a great tattoo that speaks love and compassion. Bae will love the idea and you should make sure you do it on the 14th itself.