5 cool hair colour trends that you must try this summer

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Image Source: brit.co

The summers are round the corner and you are already worried about your hair? Avoiding heat and humidity in this scorching summer is practically impossible. But everyone wants to look the best, always irrespective of the changing weather.

And to look your best, simply changing your wardrobe isn’t sufficed. You need to change your hair colour as well. After all, new season urges the need to change with its changing trends and. In the fashion industry, hair colour is blooming these days. When we think about hair colouring, a wide range of colour palette comes to our mind. So we have done the research for you on 5 most trending hair colour options this year. This summer’s latest trends are bolder yet simpler at the same
Have a look at these trending hair colours that you must try:

1. Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet is the all new hair colour that you must add to your colour palette. It is pantone colour of the year. There’s no colour that can match the quality, royalty and longevity of this colour. So, embrace this regal looking colour for your hairs!

2. Marshmallow

This is light-reflecting, subtle colour that has made its way out in the season of hot and bold colours. This mixture of white, gray and platinum is sure to keep your head high. But, it also demands a lot of care and upkeep.

3. Neon colours

A bold and entrancing hue is sure to captivate your eyes this summer. It involves colours like bright green, turquoise or pink. But beware! These colours are sure to reflect your courageous and fearless side of your personality.

4. Golden hair

India is a nation, of varied skin tones and golden hair colour is the subtle and most suited hair colour this year. All you need to care is that there is a gradual change of colour from crown of your head to the extra-blonde ends.

5. Burnt Orange Colour

Partly red and partly orange this blazing hair colour is actually taking our heart away this summer. With this hair colour you’ll surely look like Christina Hendricks from Mad Men.

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