5 Futuristic Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

5 futuristic gadgets you didn't know existed
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775Hink the future is a distant memory? Think again! The future is filled with some of the craziest and coolest gadgets around. This has made it even simpler to interact with the technology-interface. As we become more connected with our environment, we become more aware about what’s happening. Gadgets control our lives, and in many ways, we have become a part of them. We use gadgets every day, and we don’t care whether our data is being transmitted or not. These gadgets have made our lives so much easier!

From asking Alexa to change the temperature, to ordering groceries via a button – there is so much that technology has done for us. Some of these in the list below are straight-up from the future. Check it out –

Smart Lenses

Smart lenses have excited scientists for many years now. It has been a part of film and fiction for over a decade. Some might remember the awesome heads-up-display in Mission Impossible, while others might compare the experience to a video game. The user doesn’t need to have a tablet around or even need a screen to access their information. You can wear the lenses and have access to a host of information in plain sight.

Google’s been working on this for many years now, with a smart-glucose detector that reads tears. This is incredible, as it’s the first bio-tech application or a purely tech-based institution. They tried and failed with Google Glass because it didn’t solve a problem. Through Google Lenses, it can change the way we think about tech.

Any key anywhere

The technology enables wearers to access any lock with a digital key. They can even wear the key around their person or use a smartphone to unlock it. Imagine having to never worry about entering your office or home, while you can simply walk into it via the sensor. This is a strangely amusing technology but could have ramifications with regards to security. There’s also the notion that a company is tracking your every move.

However, the future is bright for this technology as more people can use it for automatically renewing bus tickets, going through airport check-points without ID, etc. The technology is available to us now, and we need to figure out the logistics.

VR ultimate

VR has reached it’s tipping point, in that we will start to see more realistic simulations in a few more years. We will also have more commercial-grade simulation experiences that make us feel regenerated. You can be in Indra Nagar and experience The Eifel Tower while talking to the locals.

That next level of immersion is the next wave of experience-based economy. We would be virtually travelling at a fraction of the cost and experiencing all that we can via the VR ultimate technology. There are more than a trillion dollars being invested in the technology, and it’s the only way that companies can innovate in the domain.


Did you know that there are second-screens that can be attached to the back of your phone? They’re called popSlates and are all the rage these days. They can be attached to most major phones and can display whatever you want them to display. You can use loyalty cards, check the weather, read the news, or enjoy a kindle-like browsing experience. You don’t need to open your phone or drain your battery with heavy apps. It’s a really cool addition to the expanding smart-phone gadget market. You can use a second-screen to even check something important without showing that you’re opening your phone. It’s a handy devoice that’s always with you.

GloveOne – touching the virtual world

What’s better than seeing the virtual world? Experiencing it with haptic feedback. You know that mini vibration that you feel anytime you press a button – that’s called haptic feedback. With the GloveOne, you can feel the virtual world. All you need to do is to wear the glove in your hand and you can start to feel a rose, another player, a gun or even an object, with the way that your hands perceive the vibration. It can really feel like you’re really there. Freaky huh!


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