Ever noticed how men suddenly start connecting with advertisements as soon as the Imperial Blue ad pops up? Don’t remember? This might help ring a bell – ‘Men will be men’. Wherein you see a man suck up his ginormous belly as soon as a pretty lady enters the lift with him; only for the ‘man’ to deflate the so-called balloon as soon as she heads out. Personally, this ad series by Imperial Blue is one of the most real-life renditions I’ve ever come across on TV. Looking at the topic, I can just think of one reason as to why men don’t understand women and that reason is ‘because they don’t want to’. However, pleasing and honestly satisfying this reason may be for us ladies, it’s not backed up by any logical reasoning or scientific facts. So, in an attempt to be free of any biasness I took the help of various studies and compiled facts that lead to men not being able to understand women.


The society we live in and the culture most of us have been brought up with has laid down various characteristics that must be inhabited by all men and women. Women have been taught to be more understanding and men, to be more powerful. In an attempt to satisfy the societal norm and tradition, (*rolling eyes*) most men become incapable of understanding women.


A study in England, wherein 47,000 people including men and women were tested and it
was concluded that women have something in their genes and hormones that make them more emphatic than men. It was, however not found as to what that component might be, but it exists nonetheless.


Phew! Wish I could do a study myself on this aspect of a person’s personality. Misogyny, in simple terms is prejudice against women and misogynistic behaviour is anytime a person degrades a woman, because she is born with a vagina. Misogyny is prevalent in men as well as women and due to this behaviour it is harder (almost impossible) for a man to understand women.


Albert Mehrabian, a psychology professor in the 1970s stated that only 7% of the
communication between humans is through words. It has also been proved that men
communicate more with logic and women, more with emotions thus leading to a
communication wall, hard to break. This theory has however been challenged by many,
more so in the current day and age.


I just couldn’t help myself from stating the obvious and the most cliché line in the history of clichéd lines. Rightly stated by John Gray in his book, each gender can be understood by how they respond under different situations. Through his findings, it was proved that men and women respond in majorly different ways and this is one of the highest factors as to why Men Never understand women.
However difficult it may be to understand us women, it is definitely not impossible and men all over the world have proved this time and again, but the question is “Do you really want to understand women?” because if not, this article is a moot point in itself.


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