5 Robots Close Enough To Real Humans

5 Robots Close enough to Real Humans
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It’s not too far away a future where robots can start becoming more human. In fact, this isn’t science fiction anymore. It’s becoming closer to real lift facts. This is also apparent in the conversation we’re having about the subject matter. Are humans going to get replaced in the next 40 years? The answer to that might be yes!

We might even have to start redefining the meaning of ‘work’, as the opportunities may be getting slimmer for the next generation. We don’t need as many coal miners and our next generations won’t understand what a computer is. AI will become one of the most revolutionary movements that sweep civilizations clean. That being said – there are pretty dumb robots as well.

Here are some that look as close to human as they come –

Jia Jia

jia jia rbot

Jia Jia is China’s most realistic robot. It can recognize faces and uses AI to figure out what to say next. Just like a baby might make mistakes in communication and movement, so too does Jia. She learns by making millions of simulations and mistakes, and then chooses the correct option.

Jia is still in the works and hasn’t yet fully explored her vocabulary. She’s a bit awkward during normal conversations and you have to adjust to her way of speaking. We’re still off another 50 years before we have to worry about robots taking over our jobs.

Bina Rothblatt

Bina Rothblatt

Martine Rothblatt, one of the highest paid female CEOs in the world, is building Bina. Bina is based of her own interactions with her wife Bina who has since passed away. The robot is one of the most advanced modules of interactivity and engagement in this case. Martine is able to build the robot based off her own memories with her wife.

This makes the story that much more compelling, as there is greater impact on the work through her own interactions. Back in the day, Martine launched a pharmaceutical company because her own daughter had an incurable lung disease. Martine also used to be a man, prior to converting into womanhood.


Erica robot

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, in Japan, has built one of the most remarkable robots in modern history. The robot has real-life emotions and can read others’ feelings as well. This is done so that the experience feels more natural and interactive with the robot itself. Erica is the result of decades of work, done by professors and scientists, and it’s one of the rare gems in the AI world. Wanna know what’s even crazier? Hiroshi built a robot to resemble himself too! There’s a robot Hiroshi that acts and behaves like the real-life professor. What a world we live in!

Sophia The Robot


Funny how all we’re doing is building female robots. It’s like nobody wants to work on building a male version. The market is definitely more open to feminine robotics. Anyways, meet Sophia. She’s one of the more popular robots in the market and she’s catching eyeballs everywhere she goes. She’s one of the few robots that can walk, talk and move around like a person. Although her applications are limited at this point, there is much to be said about the potential.

The Robot Hotel

The Robot Hotel


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