5 Simple Steps to Keep Strays Warm in Winters

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Bone-chilling winters and cold waves are hitting us this year badly and, as per the Meteorological Department, the temperature in North India has broken all the records. They also warn us of a long spell of winter till the next month.

While we all are protecting ourselves with quilts and blankets and sliding into our heavy woolens and jackets, the stray dogs on the road are suffering a terrible fate every single day. For them, it’s a continuous struggle to stay warm and alive.

As humans, it becomes our paramount duty to help these innocent animals, also called man’s best friend, and make their lives easier and comfortable in this harsh winter.

Here are a few things you can do to help stray dogs, cats or any other stray animals when the weather gets rough.


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It goes without saying that food and water are the bare necessities for everybody. But for dogs, food is really important because if they stay hungry, they won’t be able to utilize their body warmth to burn more calories and remain warm. They spend more than half of their energy in search of food and water. Providing them with adequate food and water will help them to conserve their energy. You can feed the stray dogs some warm milk and glucose biscuits which will help keep them warm. Feeding chicken, soaked soya beans, eggs, etc. are recommended if you feed them regularly.

2. Temporary house

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We all know there are many people who won’t adopt these poor souls. A temporary shelter is better and easier than finding a permanent house. We can use plastic bags, cardboard boxes to build a temporary house for the strays and their little ones. Building a temporary shelter can provide them warmth, safety, and protection from the cold waves.

3. Some Warm Clothes

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You can easily buy warm jackets or fleece for these poor souls. Warm jackets for animals like dogs and cats are easily available at every pet shop. These will not cost you more than 200 bucks (depending upon the quality). You can also use your old t-shirts. But keep a check on them, especially when it is raining during winters. If their jackets get wet, it can adversely affect their health.

4. Check under your cars before you start

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A lot of times puppies or stray cats take shelter under a car in search of a warm and dry place. They hide under the hood of cars to protect themselves from nasty winter waves. So, before you start your car, just bang around a bit to scare them off. And save their lives!!!!

5. Report

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Whenever you see a stray injured or unwell, the first thing you should do is call the local NGO or any animal organization. They can take proper action and provide immediate treatment to them. You should also try to motivate your friends and people around you to report such cases to these organizations whenever they see a stray in dire need. Even if you cannot help them directly, such vigilant behavior will do your conscience a whole lot of good.

We should always remember that strays are voiceless and cannot tell about their pain. It is really difficult to survive on the street without any permanent shelter and food. We all have some sort of luxury in terms of heated rooms and food. But these poor souls have nothing. We, as humans, should be empathetic towards them and give them all the love that they deserve.


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