5 Things you can do in your late 20’s instead of getting married and raising kids

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Why get married when you can travel the world, drink late-nights at the pub, and go sleepless nights at a friend’s house and talk all night? You know the traditional route – “Studies by 24, married by 25, and kids by 28” isn’t what everyone signed up for. But for some reason, it’s everyone’s duty to keep reminding you that you need to get married in order to “settle down”.

Till now, nobody’s been able to correctly define the meaning of settle-down, and we’d rather focus on ourselves and enjoy our 20s rather than get married early. We want to explore, travel, and enjoy the good life, before we’re stuck with kids and taking stress over why the maid hasn’t come today.

Here are some of the things that you can enjoy in your 20’s instead of getting married –

1. Travel

There are so many unexplored places to go to outside of India that you can explore on a budget. Forget Bangkok or Europe, head over to Nepal and Brazil. Go to some of these more native and culture-focused experiences instead of the tourist-focused destinations. You can find some great people to get tips from on Facebook groups and online portals, and you can start budgeting and planning a year in advance. Seriously, post it on Facebook and you’ll be surprised how many people give you tips and join-in. You can solo-back pack too. Many people go on trips to Hawaii by themselves and have a ball of a time!

2. Study Abroad

You ever had a dream to live in another country? The best way is to give the required entrance exams and get a financial-aid/scholarship. You don’t need a 780 on GMAT to get it, you can check out which colleges have what requirements and apply even if you don’t have a perfect score. Australia, UK, and Europe, in general, are excellent places to live, study and enjoy a different experience in life before you get married off. You can pursue a degree in an industry that you are currently working in, or even transfer over credits to a different curriculum.

3. Move-In

You don’t want to know what your boyfriend is like when he turns over and snores all night after you’re married. You need to get to the bottom of it all when you’re living in. So do that! Convince your parents that living-in is what you should really be doing and deciding to marry when the time is right. Live-in relationships are on the rise in metro cities and many websites are focused on providing accommodation to couples who aren’t married. Hurrrrayyy!

4. Focus on your career

No really, focus on your career. Work hard, long-nights and get ahead in your job to really make as much money as you can in your 20s. This will leap-start the next phase of your life in radically awesome ways. Imagine that you have just 10xd your life even before you began “settling down”. So really, talk to your boss and tell her how committed you are to the work and ask her for more work and a path towards climbing the ladder. Make a name for yourself in your company!

5. Master a skill

You know all the time sucked into taking care of babies and visiting in-laws and having dinners with relatives? Let’s face it, you love that in short bursts but when you’re married who knows how much time you’ll really have? From handling your husband’s emotions to managing the baby’s poop, you’d rather have more time to yourself. You can master baking, painting or even makeup artistry. You can go online and learn a skill so you can really-truly master it. You can even swim and get a great body, or become a yoga-master after practicing it daily. There is so much time in the world left for you to live a married life. Enjoy your time today!