6 annoying things you should never say to newlyweds

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So, did your childhood friend just get married? Is it that even after seeing it happen for real, it is still difficult for you to believe it? Instead, does it just make you more inquisitive to know more about their life after they tied the knot? Are you just on the verge of making your friend answer all your curiosities? Hold on! Before you begin with the drill, you might just want to consider things that you DO NOT want to say, not so that you hurt them but just so that you do not want to take their outburst!

1.How does it feel to be just get married?

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Did I just win an award? Did I get a gender change? Well, they just got married and nothing else changed. They are the same people they were before marriage, with the same jobs, with the same stuff around! How do you even imagine things to change overnight? Did they get tickets to Utopia? NO!

2. Do you miss being single after just get married?


Well, I spent nearly my entire savings on the wedding, spent months planning what food would be served at the grand dinner, went mad deciding what jewelry I would wear with the dress, nearly cried while selecting THE ONE wedding dress and swept off every single decoration idea on Pinterest since I saw the first wedding of my life and you think I would even dare to think not being here, married? Of course NOT!

And, by the way, did you even manage to find yourself a fling?

3. What did you do at your honeymoon after just get married?

3. What did you do at your honeymoon

Did you know that I was on a 10-day long field visit documenting each part of the beach, not leaving aside a single molecule of dust? Cut-mon! I was tired of planning my wedding and just got over with all the anxiety and the chaos! All I needed was some calm, peace and relaxation! Did you expect me to go gaga all around making an announcement about my wedding? NO!

4. How is your mother-in-law?

How is your mother-in-law

Out of all the posh hi-tech cars that Mercedes possesses, how would it be if Audi took complete rights over the Mercedes Maybach?  Well, I am the Audi and Maybach is mine now! You think Mercedes would be happy about it although it now has Audi too along with the Maybach? Absurd right? In simpler words, would your boss ever be happy with you? It’s a myth! A happy boss is a myth! So is a good Mother-in-law! So please! By the way, how did your first meeting with your in-laws go?

5. Are you sure about spending your entire life your partner?

5. Are you sure about spending your entire life your partner?

For all of you guys who think I was blindfolded all this while before I got married, TADA! Breaking News! NO, I wasn’t!!! I met her, spent time with her, fell in love with her dark side and very consciously asked her out for marriage? Did you really think I am high all the time?

6. So, what next?

So, what next?

I have just given my 10th-grade exams, now high school then Graduation and then Maybe Marry someone good! Oh, wait I already just get married! Did you just mean to say my life ended? Well, a lesson for life! You want to plan your career or vacation, not life! It has its own frequency and we will learn to match it! So there is no Planned NEXT stop! It happens one step at a time!

What has to happen will always find its way out, whether you plan it or not!


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