6 Celebrity Nutritionists You Should be Following

6 Celebrity Nutritionists You Should be Following
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It has now become a trend among the youth to follow the famous nutritionists in India and flaunt that as well. It is a matter of pride to be following these best dieticians in India rather than any commoners who might be holding equally credible qualifications, experience, and competency to guide you.

If we put on our thinking caps, the trend of following these celebrity nutritionists started from the time when the famous Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan achieved a zero figure and rose to instant fame for her sudden transformation. And suddenly, the quest began for the mastermind behind the metamorphosis.

So, cutting a long story short, let us have a look at some of the most celebrity nutritionists in India.


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Source: Scroll.in

She had to top our list since the introductory paragraph was all about this wonderful woman. Yes, she is the mastermind who had helped Kareena Kapoor achieve her Size zero. Her clientele includes other famous personalities like Anil Ambani and Alia Bhat.

In 2012, she was voted as one of the 50 most influential people in India by People magazine. Also, she is a winner of the prestigious ‘Nutrition award’ from the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology.

She has very logical and practical opinions on diet and exercise, which makes her one of the tops followed by celebrity nutritionists in India.

2. Dr. Shikha Sharma

celebrity nutritionists
Source: Indian Women Blog

Does she need any formal introduction?

She is a famous face on Indian television with many interviews regarding nutrition to her credit. She has several top-notch clients in her list and has given consultation to many celebrities and famed politicians, on diet and health management.

It was the year 1998 when Dr. Shikha launched NutriHealth, a platform for offering comprehensive health and diet management plans.

She has invested an extensive-time period and developed the concept of Nutrigenetics, which combines contemporary medicine techniques and the principles of Ayurveda for treating lifestyle-induced health issues.

3. Madhuri Ruia

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Source: Practo

Madhuri Ruia is a well-known fitness, pilates, and nutrition expert and an alumnus of the prestigious American Academy of Nutrition.

She is the founder of Integym, which is one of the premier gyms famed for its cutting-edge techniques and practices deployed in the fitness domain in Mumbai. She rose to fame with this gym brand as she was the first nutritionist to set up a gym where the results could be monitored. Needless to say, she has a very elite clientele from various domains.

4. Anjali Mukerjee

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Source: DNA India

In 1997 Anjali Mukerjee founded a health nutrition company by the name of Health Total. But she gained much popularity owing to the introduction of raw vegetable juices therapeutically along with low glycemic index foods.

She is an alumnus of the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, Mumbai, and American Academy of Nutrition.

To date, Anjali and her team have successfully treated many lifestyle problems like high cholesterol, obesity, type II diabetes, fatigue, low immunity, etc. through their nutrition plans. 

Also, she is the official nutritionist to the contestants of Miss India beauty pageant.

5. Shubi Husain

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Source: NDTV

Shubi Husain is an award-winning celebrity nutritionist and founder and MD of Health Sanctuary Pvt Ltd., which is a renowned chain of weight loss, dermatology, and laser clinics. She is a noteworthy authority on health, fitness & weight loss with her easy to follow and practical advice.

Shubi is a diet and fitness consultant to many famous political personalities, celebrities, and MNCs. She also conducts ethical food & nutrition industry endorsements.

6. Ishi Khosla

celebrity nutritionists
Source: DSSC

Ishi Khosla is the founder of Whole Foods, which is a one-stop-shop for your nutrition needs. She is also associated with ‘The Indian Express’ as a writer and columnist. 

She has an active clinical practice at the Centre For Dietary Counseling in Delhi, where she tackles a wide range of nutrition-related health problems including obesity, food allergies, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neuropsychiatric and endocrine disorders in both adults and children. Ms. Khosla has founded a unique score-based nutrition App called theweightmonitor.com to reach out to a global audience.

Now that we have given you a dope on which nutritionists are trending, you should check out their websites and social media handles to know what’s trending in health and nutrition. Properly following their advice with your own discretion will definitely help you in solving existing health issues or concerns.


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