6 funniest tinder bios

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Tinder is a life saver am I right? You can check out dudes and babes from across the city by just sitting on your couch. You can swipe left and right and get access to some of the most interesting profiles online. Sometimes you just want to see what the city has, and other times it becomes like an adventure to a new town. What most profiles get wrong is the – ‘interest factor’. Few profiles are really interesting and many just waddle along expecting our swipes. Seriously, some of the more boring ones are too cringey and we want to just toss our app in the garbage bin.

But sometimes, you come across some hilariously interesting profiles that make you LOL while you WTF. Here are some of them –

1 Abhishek, 24

Funny guy, and really cute too! That last line about “mom” made us laugh

#2 Rachel, 20

If we ever had a spirit animal, Rachel would be it

#3 Glen, 23

Glen reminds us of a simpler time when people used photoshop creatively

#4 Scott, 24

He took the words right out of our mouth

#5 Reid, 25

Totally legit!