6 Last-Minute Wedding Gift Ideas to Save Yourself

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Weddings are one of the most cherished events, not just for the bride and groom but also for their friends and family. The entire routine of event planning, preparations, and invitations create an altogether high level of excitement for everyone involved.

However, for people attending the wedding, finding a suitable and perfect wedding gift for the newly married couple is one of the toughest things. With many to-do lists and shopping for ourselves, the wedding gift might slip from our mind. There can be instances when the invitees tend to forget bringing a gift along!

Friends, if you are worried as well, we have got your back and won’t let you show up empty-handed. We have curated a list of gift items that can save you from the embarrassment.

Here are our 6 last-minute gift ideas for you.

1.Money, Money

source: https://bit.ly/2G04lP0

One of the most convenient gifts, there is nothing better than gifting currency notes in a fancy envelope. Cash is a handy gifting option for any special occasion and, we are sure, no one minds receiving money in physical form. Decide judiciously on the amount and save yourselves from the hassles of finding a gift that the newly married couple would like.

2. Instant Camera

Gifting an instant camera can be very useful for newly married couples. They can instantly capture the precious moments of their life together. Instant cameras are trendy yet portable and can make your friends remember you forever. An instant camera would be a perfect gift for them to take along with them on their honeymoon. However, be sure of gifting them at least one extra pair of film rolls along with the camera.

3. Cutlery Set

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For couples who will be settling down independently at a new place, gifts such as a finely crafted cutlery set can add much more value to their lives. Kitchen items are one of the most useful things and what better than a shiny cutlery set! Go for a well-endowed set consisting of forks, spoons and table knives and enclosed in a stylish box – either wooden or leather.

4. Amazon Echo

If you know the wedding couple to be tech-savvy, look no further than gifting them a smart home speaker from the Amazon Echo devices range. It takes literally no time to get used to the Alexa smart virtual assistant on these devices. It will be a perfect gift for the couple – be it for listening to music, news, ordering from eCommerce stores, etc. using voice-based commands. These smart home devices can also control other connected devices in their homes such as light bulbs, doors, appliances, security cameras, etc.

5. Gym membership gift cards

source: https://bit.ly/2TyVxaT

We all know that it is very normal for newly married couples to put on some weight within 2-3 months after marriage. So why not give them membership of renowned gym chain, so that they can easily get rid of those extra six-seven kilograms, at any convenient location. Top gymnasiums are Gold Gym, Anytime Fitness, Cult Fit among others.

6. Flower bouquets

source: https://bit.ly/30xXvtD

When every other gifting option goes bust, trust a good bunch of flowers to come to your rescue. Flower bouquets are readily available on streets, especially during the wedding season. One good thing about flower bouquets is that they are available for people with all kinds of budgets. So, you will definitely find a florist who can custom build a beautiful arrangement of exotic flowers as per your requirement and resources. Ensure that the flowers are fresh, the arrangement looks vibrant and is packed well to give it a striking appearance while gifting.

We are pretty sure you can get many last-minute gift ideas quite easily, but try picking gifts that will resonate with the newly married couple. They will cherish the gift even more and remember you always.


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