6 Reasons Why You Will Hate Ranveer Singh- For Playing Khilji In Padmaavat

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Whether Karni Sena has been able to drive home their point or not is debatable but surely they have made the whole world curious about Padmavati. The filmmakers are sure to rake in the moolah of this wanted or not so wanted controversy on Padmavati. Did you go watch?? If you did then you would surely connect with what we have assembled for you. Even if you haven’t I am sure this will force you to go watch the same.

1. Fighter

One thing everyone would agree what a brave fighter he is in the movie. He didn’t blink at fighting the Mongols who everyone else dreaded to face. He went all around the country winning territories one after the other. So much so he didn’t mind fighting the brave hearts of Chittor too just for the Queen.

2. Womaniser

He was a womaniser of sorts. From making out with another girl on his Nikah to sleeping around with women in front of her wife’s eyes. He has done it all waking up the feminism within us and thanking God we aren’t born in that era.

3. Barbaric

He has been portrayed as a barbaric ruler who didn’t shy at the thought of murdering his Father-in law for the throne or his brother-in-law or just anyone who would come in his way to becoming supreme commander of Hindustan. He would follow no rules or principles, just go on a loot and plunder mission to just anywhere.

I am sure this side of Khilji’s character will gross you out.

4. Brave soldier

We surely cannot question this. When he risks his life to catch an ostrich for the love of Emperors daughter to fighting and defeating Mongols to going bare hand into the Chittor castle. It was his bravery that won him the throne.

5. Cunning

Deceitful- Deceit was the only upper hand Khilji had over the principled Rajput kings of India. This was the only tactic he followed to find his way to the throne. But unfortunately despite everything he couldn’t even catch a glimpse of Rani Padmavati.

6. Greedy

Greed is that one quality that keeps this ambitious invader going. Acquiring the best from the world would never satiate him be it the best beauty, large treasure or beautiful talent. There was nothing that could stop him. Despite being at the throne of Hindustan, he still wanted Chittor for a different reason though.

Team GKG would congratulate Ranveer Singh for playing this role brilliantly. So much was the intensity of Ranveer’s acting that not for one moment did we doubt that he is not the real “Allauddin Khilji”. We wish him loads of accolades for this role and wish him best of luck for all his upcoming movies.