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5 SIGNS YOU MIGHT BE DATING A PSYCHOPATH – It would not be too wrong to consider that each and every one of us wishes to have someone they can spend the rest of their lives with, and this premise is what basically what gave birth to the concept of dating. An individual involving romantically with someone is what one would call dating. Till someone better looking comes along! Kidding!

The basic purpose of dating is to find a suitable partner who would motivate you during the highs and lows of life, someone who empowers you, gets used to your farts or the fact that you might not brush your teeth after the Garlic Naan spree!

1.Dangerous Signs


However, how would you feel if the person you choose turns out to be a mentally ill individual with no sense of empathy and eventually it turns out that his/her personality is just a façade? I think we became too technical here. We’re talking about psychopaths quite simply put. Speaking in simpler terms, a psychopath is a person who cons & manipulates others with charisma and intimidation and mimics feelings to come across as “normal” to the society. Or in other words, he/she’s the one who will track your finger movements to access your passcode in order to read all your chats just to find something fishy.

Here are a few signs that you might be dating such psychopaths:

2. Pathological Liars 


First and foremost, psychopaths will exhibit constant lying, so much so, that they will make lies up faster than you can question them. Constantly blaming others and giving an excuse for every little thing that’s happening; make sure to keep your ears and eyes open. “Sorry I am late for your birthday party, had an important business meeting”. Who talks business at 1 AM?

3. That he/she is just like you 


They will always try to convince you that you are soulmates, totally alike. Since a psychopath has no real identity, they tend to suck yours up and mirror it back to impress you. For e.g. they will pretend to love F.R.I.E.N.D.S. until you hear them snoring halfway through the show. They will tell you they love red velvet cakes only for you to find a slice hidden behind the toilet seat. Grossness alert!

4. Manipulative 


An intense need to control people and situations pushes psychopaths to engage in manipulative behavior. A psychopath carefully creates a plan that will help him or her to gain what is desired from a targeted individual. For e.g. when they want something done, they say,” if you really love me, you’ll do it.” Do you have a comeback for this? Me neither!

5. Over Possessive 

Over possessive

Okay, so you missed a couple of calls when you were at the salon. You come back to your car once you’re done, only to find that you have missed calls from your best friend, mother, boss, your aunt who lives in London and the building janitor. Surprised much? Well, your partner just called everybody you talk to. Pyscho-mode is active in full flow!

6. Ignorance 


A psychopath will try to ignore you after he/she has realized that you are hooked on to them. The first step would be a silent treatment and as this progresses, you would find your partner disappearing for days. Pick up on these signs early and save yourself a panic attack or two.

It is important to acknowledge such signs as such relationships often leave their marks long after they’re over. So try to be more aware of whatever is happening around you and your relationship and as soon as you see an exit door, don’t just walk, run towards it like Usain!