7 Bad Habits You Need to Get Rid of ASAP!!!

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Beauty is something that almost everyone carves for. Who doesn’t like to look stunning and make the heads turn in awe?

But, just for the heck of putting up the beautiful facade, we resort to so many beauty products or get into detrimental habits that inadvertently hamper our true beauty in the long run.

Do you know there are a few things that we do almost every day, which is seriously affecting our beauty? But consciously or unconsciously, the mistakes we do harms our skin.

So, all my beauty conscious friends out there here is a list of few habits that are affecting your delicate skin and gorgeous looks.

1.Biting Nails

Do you take out your stress by biting your nails? But biting nails is one of the nastiest and unhealthy habits. Do you know you have millions of germs inside your nails?

While biting nails, these bacteria can quickly get inside your mouth.

Also, you might be wondering, how does it affect my looks?  Of course, it does! Anyone who looks at the chewed nails will go Ewww!!

So, if you want to get rid of this bad habit, start practicing yoga, or ask for professional help.

There is this another unbeatable tip- apply a nasty nail paint that will help you get rid of this habit!

2. Squeezing Pimples

Did you know? When you prick your pimple, you are allowing the bacteria to spread, or you are going to get a permanent dent on your beautiful face.

Popping a pimple is satisfactory, but these pores contain bacteria. If these bacteria come in contact with other healthy skin cells, it tends to increase the risk of more acne.

How can you take care of it?

Just leave the acne as it is as it will go away on its own. At the same time, avoid oily, spicy food and take good care of your skin instead of popping it.

3. Exfoliating frequently

Exfoliate regularly- that’s what most of the advertisements claim. But. It doesn’t imply that you get obsessed with the habit of exfoliating time and again.

Scrubbing your face and exfoliating can surely make your skin look beautiful and shiny by removing all the dead skin cells.

But exfoliating too often can irritate your skin and makes it dry. If you have acne and you have a habit of scrubbing, then are going to make things worse for you.

Easy tip to break this bad habit is that try to use gentle scrubs thrice a week and in winters exfoliate once a week as excessive exfoliating will make your skin dry.

4. Not Removing Make-Up

Many times, you must have felt lazy to remove your make-up after a late-night party or a hard day at the office. You must have told yourself that you will wash your face the next morning.

But, this is one of the most common mistakes all ladies do. This habit is terrible for the skin as the make-up gets accumulated in pores, which does not allow our skin to breathe because the make-up clogs the pores of your skin. 

So, ditch this bad habit immediately. Make sure that you wash your face before going to bed and let your skin breathe.

5. Lack of sleep

We all are well aware that we should sleep for at least 8 hours. If you don’t have enough sleep, you’ll get dark circles with puffy eyes. Sleeping for fewer hours or not taking proper sleep will do no good for your body and your skin as well.

Lack of sleep increases the stress hormone, which will make you look tired. No make-up make up will help you replace this natural glow. Give yourself the right amount of rest and let your skin feel refreshed.

Make sure that you sleep for 8-9 hours daily.

6. Alcohol

Do you know? Drinking alcohol is not at all suitable for your skin health, because drinking alcohol leaves you dehydrated.

Also, excessive drinking can cause various skin problems or can add to some excessive weight. Alcohol takes off the natural beauty of your skin as it also expands the blood vessels resulting in thickened veins. 

7. Smoking

We all have seen the excruciatingly painful ads on smoking on television and even just before a movie starts in the theatre.

Smoking not only damages your lungs but also results in premature aging. Smoking tends to decrease the blood flow to the skin, which causes premature aging.

And that’s the last thing, a beauty- conscious person would want to happen in life.

So, watch out if you have been into any of these hurtful habits.

Now that you know what damage these habits can cause to your beauty, it’s better to shun these habits away ASAP.  What do you say, folks?