7 Best apps for meditation and mindfulness

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We all have become so busy in our lives that we don’t focus on our mental health. Our life has become so rough that we are stuffing ourselves with lots of stress, anxiety and negativity unknowingly. Thankfully, we are living in a world of smartphones where there are apps for everything. From meditation to mindfulness, which are able to help you combat anxiety, which also help you increase your focus. So, let us make our smartphones more useful by using it to learn about mindfulness.
If you have no idea from where to begin these 7 apps will surely help you in establishing a daily mindfulness practice.
Here is the list of 7 best app for meditation and mindfulness apps for your specific needs.

1.Stop Breath & Think

Stop breathe and think is one of the best apps for you if you need some motivation to start meditation. Unlike other apps, in Stop breathe & think you need to “check in” before meditating. This app has over 55 personalized meditations, breathing timer, tools that track your progress, videos that will help you be happier. The best part is you can listen to many tracks without subscribing to the premium version. All these programs will help you stay relaxed whenever you are stressed. You can listen to their shorter lessons of meditations, which is five minutes “joy” sessions whenever you are in a hurry and these lessons are as helpful as the longer lessons. You can also connect this app with your Alexa device, this will allow you to get reminders when you are away from your phone. This app has also won an award for its “personalized meditation and mindful experience”. So, stop breathe and thing and enjoy.

2. Headspace

Headspace is one of the best meditation apps. It has around 60 million subscribers across 190 countries. Headspace app has hundreds of themed meditation lessons which is designed to help you release stress, get you good and peaceful sleep. Headspace’s aim is to help you to cope with your stress. It has a 4.9/5 rating on the app store. In the beginning it comes with 10- session pack which is free of cost. The sessions are of 3, 5 or 10 minutes. These sessions are easy to follow, it helps you to focus on your breathing. This app features meditation and animated videos on happiness, anxiety, personal growth and productivity. In this app, the sessions will help you to understand basics of meditation and it will help you to make it a part of your daily routine. This app will for sure help you deal with anxiety, in daily life. If you want to incorporate meditation into your lives just download this app, and let the negativity go away.

3. Sattva

This app offers curated collection that helps you to eliminate confusion of what to do while meditating. Sattva has a pre-loaded guide on meditation. It also has chants, timer, mood trackers. Sattva is an app that will help you find the new version of you. Unlike other apps you can link with your close ones using this app and easily meditate with them, or you can join a group where you can learn new things. Sattva also creates events for you where you can chat with different people and share your views. If you love social media and like interacting with new people, then download this app now.

4. Smiling Mind

If you have kids or students who are struggling with their emotions and you want to introduce them to meditation, then Smiling Mind app is good choice. This is available for free. In this app, the programs are categorized according to age groups, starting from 7- year kids to 18-year-old adults. This app incorporates fun and programs which are easy to follow for both kids and adults. The programs include mindfulness in classroom, mindfulness in workplace and sleep program.

5. Simply being

Simply being is an app that is used by beginners and also by the professionals. This app is a proper guide that will help you to learn meditation step-by-step. This affordable app has voice guided meditation sessions with relaxing nature sounds in the background. It is up to you that how much time you want to invest on meditation – ranging from 5 to 30 mins, then you can choose the music accordingly whether nature or sound or no sound. So, pick a perfect background music and choose the length of your meditation and get re-energized.

6. Calm

This app will calm you as soon as you open this app as it greets you with gentle sound of nature. But many of these features are paid. You will get 7 days free trial, but after 7 days you have to pay for the sessions. This will introduce you to mindfulness meditation which will also bring joy, peace in your everyday life. Many people follow this app as it is great for meditation. Calm will guide you towards a positive way. Calm also has some short sessions if you are too busy for long sessions. The sessions will help you to focus on your everyday life. This app has multi-day courses, a “Daily Calm” course either on monthly basis or annual or you can take lifetime subscription.

7. The Mindfulness App

If you are a beginner, then this app is a good option for you. This app is especially designed to train you in mindfulness. Initially you will get a five- day introduction to mindfulness and it also guides you how to meditate. Mindfulness app has timed sessions which starts from 3 to 30 minutes. You can also customize it according to yourself. This app also offers you courses on relationship, calmness, apart from more than 250 meditation sessions. You will get these courses on purchasing premium subscription.
If you are dedicated to mindfulness, then you must try out these app. As we all know, meditation is a great way to reduce anxiety and relax your mind and soul. So, try of any one of these apps and feel a difference in your life.