7 common misconceptions men have about their Dressing

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Men’s fashion has been one of the most neglected and misunderstood aspects of the entire fashion universe. There are many misconceptions about clothing. And many times, it becomes difficult to believe in the advice coming from everywhere. The sad part is that most of them are simply a myth. Sounds weird right?

Don’t believe in any advice as many of them aren’t true. And most of the rules meant for men’s clothing can be bent. So, you need to stop believing in these few common style myths.

Here are the 7misconceptions that men should stop believing in:

1.Slim fit clothes always look better

Source: The Modest Man

Have you ever seen a short and stout guy wearing a slim fitted cloth? Definitely it is not flattering. You must wear clothes that fit your body the best. Whether it is skin-tight jeans or loose clothes. Not everyone looks good in tight clothes.

So, wear clothes that suit your body shape.

2. Horizontal Stripes t-shirts will make you look shorter

Source: The Modest Man

Oh! This is the most common piece of advice that every short man gets to hear. Guys, this is really not true. Of course, the size and direction of the stripes don’t matter. Choose any pattern like check, stripes, dots but they should be on a small scale.

3. Your belt should match your shoes

It is true that matching your shoes with your belt is definitely a safe game. But shoes and belts do not necessarily need to be color coordinated. If you are confused and don’t know what color to choose or what to wear, then always try to lean towards the darker shade. We all know that black goes with everything. Another example, you can choose a brown belt or beige color belt and compliment it with a pair of dark brown shoes. This will for sure add a nice touch to your look.

4. Your pocket Square and tie should match

Source: WellbuiltStyle

We all know that matching clothes or matching items have become very outdated. It is not important that every piece of your dress should match. For example, you can try a red tie on a black suit with a red and white polka dot pocket square.

5. Men Don’t wear Pink

Source: LeisureMartini

Who said men can’t wear pink? There is no such rule. The color of the shirt cannot make anyone less of a man. For men, pink is a great color that goes on with all kinds of trousers. Wear pink color with confidence. Solid pink is definitely a bold statement to make. Keep in mind to combine it with neutral colors.

6. Can’t wear denim on denim

Source: DefineSleek

Of course! You can wear denim on denim. Denim on denim can easily beat you if you let it do that. But if you get the double denim done right, then you are THE style icon. Choose contrasting colors between the shirt or jacket or jeans. For example, pair it with a light color pair of jeans with a darker shirt. Keep the darker shade of the denim on the bottom instead of on the top.

7. Men should not pair black and brown together

Source: Pinterest


Who said black and brown should be separated? They can ride together perfectly. This a myth because they both are dark colors so mixing them both together can make you look messy. So, whenever you are pairing these colors together then try to wear one darker shade and one lighter. For example, if you are wearing a black color, opt for a light shade of brown.

We have busted these 7 fashion myths for you. From now don’t be afraid of trying these styles and follow what your heart says.


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