7 The Best Indian Restaurants Around The World

best Indian restaurants
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Indian cuisine is famous all around the world. Our food is loved and craved across the planet, as much as in India. The first Indian restaurant was opened in mid1960’s in America and today there are more than 80000 Indian restaurants only in America. Let’s look at the 7 most famous Indian restaurants spreading love and making us proud- foodwise!

1.Amaya, London

Amaya, London

If you are amongst those who have a thing for street food being served in a fashionable and fancy manner then this is the place for you. This swanky eatery has become a one-stop place for all the food connoisseurs and has acquired well-established clienteles who bestowed with an innate knowledge of the real taste of the food. The mouth-watering taste of the food comes out from the way it is prepared. The preparation is theatrical, and tandoor or charcoal grill is used for cooking. If you want to view the exotic art of cooking then make sure you opt for a table right beside the open kitchen.

Must Have: Goat cheese spinach patties

2. Bombay Club, Washington

Bombay Club, Washington

Bombay Club is just a stone’s throw away from the White House and, falls amongst the most extravagantly-located, critically-appreciated gastronomic establishment in Washington. It’s been 24 years for this exquisite eatery and is also reminiscent of the high-class lounges of the British Raj in India. Bombay Club is entirely different from the Gymkhana in London, as it has a soft atmosphere and a much a more serious and powerful mass – congresspeople, media dignitaries, campaigners, and reputed lawyers. One of the early customers of this restaurant was President Bush. Eating at this restaurant is in itself is an experience of a lifetime.

Must Have: Tender duck kebab marinated in garam masala

3. Junoon, New York

Junoon, New York

Who wouldn’t be aware and also proud of this exquisite restaurant by the Master Chef Vikas Khanna. This eminent New York eatery has been winning the coveted Michelin Star award by Micheline Guide for 6 consecutive years since 2011. It got its first Michelin Star award in just 10 months from the date of opening. Junoon has won hearts of many food connoisseurs with its delectable tandoor preparations of sweet lobster and red meat dishes, mouth-watering shorbas and desserts.

Must Have:  Lamb Boti Kebabs and Piri Piri Shrimp

4. Amal at the Armani, Dubai

Amal at the Armani, Dubai

This restaurant is truly understated as per the standards of Dubai. Amal displays the distinctive newness and extravagance of Armani’s hotel, however, at the same time, designed with a minimalist colour hues. For music lovers you get a dedicated lounge where you get treat for your ears in the form of live sitar music. The dining room in Amal is designed fashionably in the American way. The best part of the restaurant is that food lovers get dishes from multiple parts of India. The food prepared is mostly fusion for example the tandoori duck spring roll. Do not forget to try their dessert especially the Aam ki Phirni and apricot cream.

Must Have: Lamb shank in Hyderabadi curry

5. Gaggan, Bangkok

Gaggan, Bangkok

This epicurean establishment by Gaggan Anand’s bagged 17th spot in the Restaurant magazine’s The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. This made Gaggan fall in the top 20 list of restaurants serving Indian cuisine. Once there, do not forget to have the popular 10-course degustation menu. This displays the exclusive skills of Gaggan Anand in molecular techniques. One of the most popular savouries is the yogurt a mouse bouche, a jelly-like milk flavoured dish which quivers inside your mouth and then it will rupture and release a chaat-flavoured raita inside your mouth.

Must Have: The big mango: freeze-dried mango in a white chocolate snowball

6. Gymkhana, London

Gymkhana, London

Reminding the British Raj era in India, the Gymkhana is one of London’s trendiest new establishment. The place is motivated by the famous and elite Bombay Gymkhana in Mumbai, this restaurant feels practically as high-class. You need to come with special luck most weekends as you might end up standing in a queue to get in. Hence it is advisable that you book your tables well in advance to have a smooth entry. Amongst the renowned patron of the restaurant includes Lalit Modi, René Redzepi or Anthony Bourdain. Visit their two awesome bars and try out their drink such as Respect Your Alder which is made with cognac and smoked alder wood.

Must Have: Absinthe lassi

7. Verandah at The Standard, Copenhagen

Verandah at The Standard, Copenhagen

Lined by a jazz club and placed in one of the original art deco constructions in the city, this absolutely new eatery turns out to be the coolest yet elite eating spot. At the first modern culinary Indian restaurant in this area, you get to choose from either the vegetarian or non-vegetarian tasting menu, and thereby select from three, five or seven courses. Who wouldn’t want to end their night by hopping to the bar-next-door and dance their way to the modern-day jazz by the lakeside?

Must Have: Seafood biryani


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