7 Things Mahatma Might Not Be Happy About Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

If all these years Mahatma Gandhi had been looking over us from the heaven, he might be taking anger management classes since a while now.  Since he cannot come down to Earth and tell us how disappointed he is, Gossip Ki Galliyan will do the honours.  We have listed down 7 things which we think Mahatma is surely royally pissed about.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi ki Vaani, Gossip Ki Galliyan ki Jubaani!

  1. Violence is the key to everything: Not even a single day is gone by when someone around us doesn’t utter ‘Maar dunga’ or ‘Sir fhood dunga’ or ‘bhen**** dunga’. Be it cricket or office, be it at the border or in a night club, interaction between friends or fights between enemies; we use these words like our catch phrases even when we don’t mean them literally.

violence gandhi ji

  1. Dry day/ Buy the booze ahead day: Gandhi ji was against alcohol, hence Gujarat is a dry state (excluding the illegal high priced alcohol supply). And on his birthday we observe a dry day which actually means buy your booze one day ahead. Shocking fact, the concept of dry days actually contributes to the rise in sales of liquor. We assume the politicians had come up with dry days from the goodness of their hearts and it had nothing to do with their investment into liquor businesses.

gandhi ji dry day
3. Education i$ mu$t: Right to primary education is the basic right, said Gandhi ji 70 years ago. Right to primary education is directly proportional to the amount of donation you can give, say the principals of the schools. Of course not officially!

education gandhi ji

4. Right to equality (on papers): Yes yes, after 70 years we have finally brought section 377 into action and no, it isn’t a progress. Why? You ask! Well for a country which is still struggling to grant equal rights to women, something that had already been granted on papers decades ago, isn’t getting any credits until their deeds makes a real difference.

right to equality gandhi ji

5. Violence against women: From whistling to honking, from blinking dippers to passing comment, from hitting to establishing a new record for rape cases, we are living up to the expectations of someone completely opposite of Mahatma Gandhi. We are pretty sure he must be so mad at us that he himself would want to forget all about non-violence and come down to Earth just to beat some sense into us.

violence against women mahatma gandhi

6. Swachhta: ‘Swachhta’ is one word we are very much obsessed with.  This word trends at least twice a year and thanks to some provocative videos (yes we are talking about Anuskha Sharma’s taking charge of swachhta video), it can trend for few more days.  What we fail to understand is that just rambling about it on twitter, Instagram or Facebook isn’t really going to clean the streets.

Swachta gandhi ji

7. Make in India (Matlab Local Hain!): 70 years is a very long time for Indian brands to establish name for itself in their own country. We have always tagged China a ‘monopoly’ but the irony is Chinese products are not only ruling over China but also India. Well the sad truth is, apart from Ayurveda (which was even trending during Gandhi era) we haven’t really achieved any success in ‘Make In India’. Although Gandhi ji would appreciate Modi ji for launching ‘Make in India’ campaign so much that he will waiver off the copyright claims.

Make in India gandhi ji

P.S. – We still have a long way to go to be the country that once Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of. Happy Birthday Gandhi Ji!

Gandhi jayanti 2018


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