7 Things We Ladies Should Thank Our Boyfriends For

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1.Listening to your whining and bitching:

Whether it is she said that she said this or your hair isn’t as good as hers, you whine and bitch about her for hours and hours and your boyfriend not only listens patiently but also hates her for you.

2. Putting up with your mood swings:

cheer up

Whether it is ‘those days’ of the month or you simply pissed over a burned toast, whatever be the reasons for your mood swings, your boyfriend not only put up with it but also cheer you up.

3. For taking you on dates and letting you choose the venue:

choose the venue

He takes you out on dates and treats you like his princess and also lets you decide what you want to do and where you want to go. Ladies, it isn’t because he is too lazy to decide but because he wants to make it all about you. Want to return the love? Let him have his game night with his buddies and beer.

4. For not complaining about the bush of hair on his face when you want to cuddle:


We ladies love the spooning part. It feels safe to lie in the arms of the one who loves you and keeps you safe. He never complains about the messy bun that you unintentionally shove at his face instead of hugs you and hold you close.

5. For making you feel the most beautiful girl:

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You know you are not Cleopatra but when he says that, you are the most beautiful girl he had ever known, you know he means it and that is what makes you feel beautiful and no less than Cleopatra.

6. For not mocking you when you scream over a cockroach:


It isn’t a dinosaur just a cockroach and while you are screaming and jumping on the bed over it, he doesn’t mock you instead he gets rid of it for you.

7. For saying I Love You every time you demand:

i love you

Men aren’t so much of a species that prefer to keep expressing their feelings but he says it numerous times in a day because you want to hear it and every time it is convincing enough.

And thank him for reading this till the end just because you send it.


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