7 Unknown Facts Of Cricket

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Cricket has always been a game of fun, frolic and excitement. Generations have passed and we’re still considering whether cricket has any rival in terms of sports. The draw that the game creates is unmatched, and we’re still seeing the ripple effects across the entire country. Nobody is working during the IPL clutch matches, and everyone is united under one single game. Every child has played the game at least once, and the level of love for the game is exceptional. No other sport comes close to how much fun cricket is, and the team sport is perfect for larger groups of people.

India only country to win 60, 50, 20-over WC

This is a great milestone for any country that wants to show their dynamic cricketing skills. Not only is the extent of our legacy unique, the way we’ve won it is spectacular. Being the innovators of the IPL, we’re one of the few countries that have evolved the game and our own teams. We’ve won all three major formats and defeated nearly every country effortlessly.

M S dhoni

Under the captaincy of Kapil Dev, India won the last 60 over WC. Then they won the 20 and 50 over cup under MS Dhoni’s leadership. The 2007-2011 period has been one of the best eras for cricketing growth in the country.

Virat Kohli earns Rs 3.2 crore per social media post

If you ever thought that cricket was dying or became irrelevant, then this fact will certainly blow your mind. Virat Kohli has been minting money ever since he started playing like a God. He’s become one of India’s greatest captains and has been winning matches consistently. With the star power and business savviness of Anushka Sharma, Virat has become a social media king himself. There are a lot of different avenues for the couple to go down, but right now they’re satisfied being on the top of the social media game.

virat kohli

Sanath Jayasuriya has more ODI wickets than Shane Warne

You saw that right. The ex Sri Lankan captain has more ODI wickets than one of the best bowlers we’ve ever seen. Per the tally count, Sanath has 323 wickets, with Warne having 293. Could you have ever imagined that? This just goes to show how certain stats may show you a different picture, after knowing that certain events are remarkably unique. The batsman is a renowned bowler with a long career of taking wickets. However, Warne has given us more memories.

In 1964, Bapu Nadkarni bowled 21 straight maidens against England

The spinner was having a great day of bowling and ensured that the batsmen didn’t stand a chance against his skillset. He ended up with a tally of 32-27-5-0 and an economy rate of 0.15. He holds the record in this regard and has been a lost page in the history of cricketing. However, his star power is not lost in the true cricketer’s mind. This lanky Maharashtrian boy fulfilled his dreams of playing at an elite level.

Sachin Tendulkar has scored 29 more centuries than Ricky Ponting

Sachin Tendulkar has score 100 centuries in international cricket, and he did so in 664 matches. This is a stunning comparison when we see the second highest scorer, Ricky, who had 71 in 560 matches. These two can be considered to be the greatest batsmen to have played the game. Wanna know who’s on the third spot? – Kumar Sangakkara. He’s scored 63 centuries in 594 matches. Another Sri Lankan, Mahela Jayawardene, is on number 5. India and Sri Lanka make up 3 spots in the top 5 of international centuries.

sachin tendulkar

Wasim Akram has hit the greatest number of sixes in a Test innings

Any guesses what that number was? It was 12! He picked up 72 runs off of just 6s. He made a total knock of 257 not out in his match against Zimbabwe. It’s truly one of the greatest innings ever played in test cricket, with Wasim showing off his entire gamut of playing abilities. He’s truly one of the greatest batsmen to have ever lived, and once he started gaining momentum he was unstoppable. He had some of the most memorable cricketing innings as well.

77 runs were conceded in just one over

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This is the world record for the greatest number of runs being taken in a single over. The unfortunate bowler had bowled just one over and given away 77 runs in that batch. Canterbury, an English club, needed 95 runs off 12 balls. They ended up needing 18 from 1 ball at the end of the innings. What was most surprising was the number of 6s that were conceded from that one over. This was truly a remarkable day for cricket.