71 Years Of Aazaadi Are We Truly Free? Independence Day

independence day

How free are we, you may have asked yourself? We venture out to the local malls, binge on shopping and then wear a tiranga on our cars that we just picked up from the roadside vendor. It’s a direct contribution to the economy and we feel happy about that purchase. Have you really stopped and asked yourself – how free am I truly? Do I have freedom to speak freely and express myself? Do I have the capacity to enjoy a fulfilled life? Do I have to pay a Government official every time I’m trying to do the smallest of things in the country?


We might see a movie this weekend or read about how India gained freedom from the British. It has been more than 70 years since we’ve grown out of our past, and we still haven’t made headways.

Religious Tolerance

There’s a difference between religious acceptance and tolerance, which people are misinterpreting these days. We simply tolerate the fact that there are people of other faiths in our country. We don’t take the time to get to know them and understand what they’re all about. We forward a Few Jokes, make fun of them behind their back and accuse them of crime before all the facts are presented.

We’re more than happy to lay blame on another religious group and even start riots on their names. We invoke the names of our own priests and prophets to justify our anger. We refuse to work with them and hold grudges against our children marrying them. Doesn’t every parent have that rule for their young ones? It’s time that we think out of this old-person mindset and explore a new world

Justice for everyone

Remember the British Raj rules? Divide and conquer. The country has been divided to have justice for a few groups of people, while the rest of us suffer. The country isn’t a country so much so that it is a strip of land that has been bought and sold many times over. Politicians, uncles and bhuddas have made it their duty to introduce all the corruption they can into the lifeline of the country.

That’s why we have our youth spirit. We don’t listen and obey like the rest of the country. We try to do something unique and different. It’s not as simple as saying – yes, I’m listening to you and you’re always right. It’s about taking things from one ear and dropping it from another. Justice is just a word and unless you’re rich – you have no justice. If you are well connected and know the right people, you can get away with anything.

Freedom of action

How free is our speech? Do we have freedom to kiss our loved one? Not really. Someone can report you for PDA and you’ll have to cough upwards of 5K to escape prison. The country is that backwards right now. When it comes to opening a new business, the number of licenses required is stunning.

For everything, you have to fill the pockets of these government officials. Our Country criminalizes gay sex, marriage and existence. The very act can put you in jail. Can you imagine something more bizarre than that? The Government has entered your bedroom trying to tell you what you can and can’t do. How free are you really to do as you please? Chances are not very much.

It’s not so much that there is a lot of restriction. It’s more so about that original spirit of freedom that India stood for. That spirit has died down and given place to corporations and governmental institutions. You visit any city in India and it looks exactly the same as any other. That’s because people are coming to these main cities in search of progress. India has forgotten the roots from which it emerged and replaced it with another form of tyranny – corruption and greed.


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