8 Amazing Highways Of India That Should Be On Every Biker’s List For A Road Trip.

Vroom Vroom. Can you hear that? That’s the sound of your heart pounding as you put the metal to the pedal. You can also zip and zoom past these highways and enjoy their miraculous natural visuals. They’re some of the most beautiful spots in our country and are repeatedly on many lists to travel to and have a great time.

While monsoons might be a great time to visit these highways, it’s important to maintain safety while driving. You might be tempted to zip past cars or other bikes, but you can easily get into a deep accident without many people around to help you.

There is also the chance of finding new opportunities when you drive comfortably. When the time is right, you can speed up to enjoy the breeze on your face. Here’s 8 highways that you can really take in the energy in the terrain.

#1 Shillong to Cherrapunji

Let’s start with the most exotic journey of them all. The list is filled with superb drives, but none compare to the natural beauty of this one. NH40 is filled with bikers who want to explore the scenic beauty of this wonderful terrain. You get to experience all that India has to offer by driving down these lush green valleys. Since Cherrapunji receives a lot of rain, bikers can get a beautiful experience in these roads if they travel while enjoying the scenery. The 2-3-hour journey can be covered easily by a semi-pro rider.


#2 Darjeeling to Gangtok

The whole drive feels like you’re in a Bollywood movie. You don’t feel like you’re out of place even the slightest, as you traverse from one ecosystem to another. You can drive down NH 710 effortlessly, as you are travelling 2200 mts above sea-level. The Kanchenjunga range is a hearty companion as you enjoy the natural flora and fauna of the region. The area is vast and the experience is an enlightening one as you travel down.

#3 Kasauli Roads

Kasauli is one of the most gorgeous northern destinations to go through. The Chandigarh to Kasauli drive is a gorgeous one, as the hills take your breath away each time. Although it has become quite commercialized and modern, you can still explore the depths of this hill station’s beauty throughout the trip. NH22 is a popular route that most travellers take, anytime they’re trying to get out of Chandigarh over the weekend.

#4 Let’s go to Ooty via Bandipur

It’s a wonderful 7-hour drive from Bangalore to Ooty and you can cover it effortlessly via NH 209. The drive is filled with lush forests, green trees and natural wildlife. The dense forests of Bandipur are an amazing gateway to another world as you travel through natural life that’s quite raw and untouched. You can also get some fresh air as you zip past empty roads during non-peak seasons.

#5 The hidden beauty of Pondicherry

It’s no fun taking a train or even a flight when you’re heading towards Pondicherry. Bikers love going down SH 49 to get the best of the sceneries of the south. The Chennai to Pondi ride takes about 3 hours long but is filled with interesting activities, restaurants and natural life on the way. It’s best to get here during the winter seasons as the cool air feels amazing on the body. This coastal ride as a charm of its own and attracts many bikers to take the terrain by the horns.


#6 Pune to Malshej

If you’re in Mumbai and you really want to get out of the city, then there is no other drive that fits as perfectly as this one. While you might be tempted to stop at Lonavla and pick up some Vada Pav, you should head on over towards Malshej.

It’s a clean wonderland filled with rustic beauty and untouched properties. You can find some of the most interesting views here, as you ride the NH3 for about 3-4 hours. There are natural waterfalls, damns and interesting tourist attractions along the way that make for an interesting journey.

#7 Puri to Konark

What’s better than traversing a highway? Going on one that hasn’t been fully explored. NH 203 is where the action is at this year, as riders can view India’s natural history through temples, forests and monuments. It’s a historical ride down memory lane, as you get a glimpse of the Indian Ocean along the way. While many see it as an open road, few see it as a challenge to accept.

#8 For the rugged and rough-riders

The Jaipur to Jaisalmer ride is perfect for lovers of harsh terrain, empty roads and fulfilling vacations. You can ride the 10+hour long road through NH 11, and enjoy the wildlife that’s unique to this intense ecosystem. Winter months should be avoided.

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