8 cheapest countries to visit from India in 2019

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Everyday routine can be a drab on one’s life and travelling to interesting places provides a much-needed rejuvenation. However, going frequently on international holidays can be make your budgets go haywire. What if you could just go to the next holiday destination,do all the activities that interest you and yet not spend a bomb? We have your back buddy! Read on.

Let’s look at the list of 8 cheapest countries that you could visit from India in 2019. These countries can be travelled in a budget that you would usually associate with a destination within India. The only caveat is that you must do a fair bit of research to get the best deals on flights and hotel stays and book well in advance.

Here are the 8 cheapest countries that you can travel to from India:


India’s northern neighbour, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Nepal offers breath-taking glimpses of nature along with the serenity of its various temples and monasteries. Its and ideal destination for the adventure-freaks as well those looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

Daily food and travel cost (approx.) – INR 1000-1250

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A favourite with the backpackers from around the world because of its natural beauty and rich history, it is consistently ranked in world’s top 10 destinations by TripAdvisor. Best time to visit is between January and March.

Daily food and travel cost (approx.) – INR 1500-2000

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Another of India’s neighbour in the north-east, this ‘Happiest country’ truly lives up to its reputation. The local people are warm, content with their way of life and happy to host Indian travellers. It is one of the most tranquil places on Earth and you can trek all the way into the lap of the Himalayas. Indians are exempted to travel without a passport or a visa!

Daily food and travel cost (approx.) – INR 1500-2000

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An all-time favourite with budget travellers, Thailand offers everything that a tourist seeks from a holiday destination – pristine beaches, exciting nightlife and dirt-cheap shopping.

Daily food and travel cost (approx.) – INR 1000-1500

Koh Phi Phi
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Naturally beautiful with a rich cultural heritage including the world-famous Angkor Wat temples, Cambodia should be on your must-visit list for sure.

Daily food and travel cost (approx.) – INR 1500-2000

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Philippines is another jewel of South-East Asia. It is fast becoming one of the most thronged destinations for backpackers and college students due to its beautiful beaches and amazing local experience.

Daily food and travel cost (approx.) – INR 1000-1250

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Myanmar was torn-apart for years by civil strife but now things have returned to normalcy and travellers are finding out the beauty of this place.  Hot favourite attractions are the hot-air balloon rides, nature walks, historical tours and local shopping.

Daily food and travel cost (approx.) – INR 1800-2000

Best Things To Do In Myanmar
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If you are looking out for solace in Buddhist monasteries along with adventurous hilly treks, Laos could be another great option at pocket-friendly prices.

Daily food and travel cost (approx.) – INR 1800-2000

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