8 Coolest Apps Which All Indians Should Have On Their Smartphones

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We as Indians have some similar penchants, as in, we just can’t do without good food, music, clicking selfies and sharing our lives on the go!  There are hundreds of apps available on the app stores for everything but it can be truly intimidating to pick one over the other. Which ones should you keep and which ones should you discard? Break the clutter and read our pick on the 8 coolest apps which all Indians should have on their smartphones.


Snapchat is the coolest apps to live and enjoy the moment by sharing any picture, video or message which is accessible to the receiver for only about 10 seconds after which it self-destructs. The app encourages a natural flow of interaction, but beware of your ‘snaps’ as they can always be stored by taking screenshots or using the camera.


Instagram is coolest apps For an easy, fun and creative way to capture, edit and share pictures, videos and messages with you family and friends. You can also follow your friends and family take a sneak peek into what are they up to. Also discover several accounts who are sharing things that interests you. It is popular with the celebrities too, so you can follow them and be updated always!


Stuck in a traffic, simply bored or no reason at all,we all love listening to songs. Gaana is the best coolest apps with an extensive playlist of International music, Bollywood songs, regional music and also Radio Mirchi. Music is available in high definition audio quality and can be downloaded for offline listening.


Do you find it uncool to read a newspaper or are in short of time to read one! Inshorts is here for your rescue! You will receive notifications and just a quick glance would keep you updated with every important thing that is happening in the world.


We Indians don’t eat to live, we live to eat! All though there are dozens of food coolest apps available, Swiggy rules the roost. They have the best possible options with great offers every now and then, so look out for the steal deal and satisfy craving right away.


Online shopping has very wellflourished in India and there are lots of sites offering almost everything online. But how do you know if you purchased your productat the best price?Checking the product on all possible sites could be a tedious job. BuyHatke compares prices across all sites and gives you the best price for your selected product.

Expense Manager

At the end of every month are you clueless about where your money goes?Expense Manager coolest apps is the one for you. It maintains track of all your expenses and shows you how much and where you spent. It also suggests you to cut down your expenses by analyzing your spending habit. You can schedule your payments as well and make recurrent payments.


Coolest apps tik tok

TikTok is a platform to present your creativity in the form of short mobile video clips.  If you are in a mood for having some fun time, use TikTok to create your own videos, lip sync, dance, combine them with the existing clips, add special effects and become famous in the world of TikTok coolest apps.