8 Food and drinks that you must try and avoid if you are trying to quit smoking

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Do you know that smoking dulls your sense of taste and smell?

Smoking a puff of cigarette releases toxic chemicals that harms your neuroreceptors in your mouth. It may lead to a kind of numbness of your sensory glands within the tongue and nose. Quitting smoking is a bit hard but there are many ways where you can help yourself stay smoke-free.

Have you been trying to quit smoking for a long time with conventional means yet are unable to do so? Try out these foods and drinks that will definitely help you kick out your smoking habit over a period of time.

We have curated a list of food and drinks that could help you quit smoking:

1.Gums and Mints

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If you feel the craving for cigarette overpowering you, then try out sugar-free chewing gums and mints. They keep your mouth busy for a long time until your craving drives-off. This is one of the right things that make your struggle to quit a little easier.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

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Do you know that a cigarette blocks the absorption of nutrients like calcium, vitamins? Only one puff of tobacco can drain out a good amount of vitamin C from your body. Try to increase the intake of fruits in your diet so that you can restore these nutrients. And veggies are also one of the types that makes your ciggy taste bad.  They will help you stay healthy and will also help you in quitting your smoking habit.

3. Milk Products

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Many of the smokers have reported that consumption of any dairy product like milk and yogurt have made cigarette taste bad or worse. As it gives a bitter taste. When you start facing cravings then milk or yogurt could be a useful tip, that will help you in dealing with your cravings.

4. Ginseng Tea

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Do you know that ginseng is of great help if you are planning to quit smoking, as ginseng genuinely reduces the craving for smoking? Ginseng weakens the effect of dopamine (a neurotransmitter in the brain that is linked with pleasure and it is released when you smoke tobacco).  Drinking Ginseng tea will make it easier for you to quit and also limit the impact on your sense of taste and smell.

5. Cinnamon

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Cinnamon can help you quit smoking. We are not suggesting you crunch it, you just need to suck it whenever you start facing nicotine cravings. Another benefit of cinnamon is that it relieves bad breath.

If you are determined to leave smoking than you also need to avoid these foods and drinks also

6. Alcohol

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With the winter chill setting in and festive spirits high, alcohol binging zooms to a high in this season. Just say a big no-no to alcohol if you really want to quit smoking. It is said that alcohol makes smoke taste better. Keep yourself away from drinking for the first few months. As drinking can affect your judgment-making, you are more likely to start your smoking habit again.

7. Caffeine – Coffee, Tea, Aerated Beverages

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Coffee and cigarette go hand in hand. As coffee contains caffeine, it stimulates the effect of cigarettes. So, give up your coffee as it may trigger a craving for tobacco and thus make it difficult for you to quit your habit.

But it’s not only coffee that contains caffeine, cola or tea also contains a good amount of caffeine. So, if you want to make it easier for you to leave smoking then you must stay away from it.

8. Meat

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You must cut down on the meat if you cannot leave it. As meat is also another type of that food enhances the taste of cigarettes and makes it taste better.

Knowing what to avoid eating and drinking, or eating the right type of food can make your struggle easier and also help you give up on your smoking habits. This can be a great new year resolution to pursue, right?


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