8 Websites That Are So Cool That You Will End Up Being Hooked To Them

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Procrastinating is something that this generation excels at. We like to waste our time so much that we can spend hours on Facebook or Instagram even if we do not find something interesting. What if I told you that there are plenty of websites out there which are super interesting and your BFF for the time when you are procrastinating? These websites are fun, cool, interesting and you will not even your life how time flies by while surfing these websites. Here are websites that you can spend time on the next time you are bored.

1. Wait But Why

wait but why

Once you visit this website, you will fall in love with it, like I did. this will become your favourite place to spend all your time on the internet. How this website works is that every week there is a guy called Tim Urban, who publishes a really long article but that is super interesting. They are so long that you can kill time when you click one of them and the rest of your time will be spent in reading it. These articles are highly informative, very well written and discusses everything from a very fascinating and in-depth point of view. He writes about and discusses topics that even normal people who do not understand the difficult mumbo jumbo, will find them easy and understand them. He covers a wide range of topics starting from relationships, religion and even outer space. In fact, if you can find it, read the article that is about why procrastinate procrastinate. Seems quite fit for the situation, right?

2. SupercookSupercook

We all know how spending time on the internet can be productive as well. Well, even though we have procrastinating, how about we do something that is semi productive and will not require a lot of effort from you? As you can already save from the name of the website, it has got something to do with cooking. Now, for those of you who cannot cook to save your life, you might think this is a boring website. But wait till you visit it. For people like me who absolutely love to cook, this website is a blessing. How this website works is, you enter the list of all the ingredients and vegetables you have in your home and the website will show you a list of all the recipes, both simple and really cool, that you can make using those ingredients that you have at home. If you were planning to clean out your fridge, what better website than this?

3. OCERACH Shark Tracker

OCERACH Shark Tracker

What? Did you ever imagine that you will spend time on the Internet tracking shots from oceans around the world? No, right? Because this is probably the weirdest and most unconventional thing someone would do on the internet. But that is exactly what it makes it so cool. This website will let you track and search all the sharks in the world that are tagged. By the way, they all have their own names. As  these sharks keep travelling around the world, you can track on your phone or laptop what they are doing at any specific time, what is their current location, and you can even find the history of each shark for the past one year about all the places that they have travelled to. How much cooler can things get?

4. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who likes to spend time on internet looking at DIY projects and little home decor things to do to instantly make the room look better. If you are just like me, you will be hooked on to this website just like I am. You will find lots of awesome content, both written and visual on the website, about home decor. They have various series to suit each kind of home that you can think of. They have a before and after series, a small spaces series, and there are also series that cover actual homes of people around the world which are beautiful, to say the least.

Not just that, they have tons of articles which are very helpful that give out tips about everything related to your house like, how you can decorate the staircase, what to do with the space above your fridge etc. Like I said earlier, if you love home decor even a bit, you will fall in love with this website and spend all your time here.

5. Gravity Points

Gravity Points

Want to have fun with gravity? This website is the perfect place for you to be. This website is basically like a Digital Pen that is created by Akimitsu Hamamuro and it is very fascinating to say the least. How this works is that the website will simulate the effect of gravity by letting you plot small small gravity centres all over the screen. So, even the smallest floating particles in the room will flock to these points of gravity and orbit around them. The is gravity centres that you plot, all these forces will start competing even more, and your screen will look super chaotic but super trippy. All these gravity spots can even merge with one another and absorb one another and create a black hole. Can you believe that? It is like outer space is right out there on your computer screen. How awesome is that!’

6. Pottermore


For Potterheads like me, this is going to be a super fun website. In case you did not know, this website is hailed as the official website that lets you find your Patronus, like Harry Potter did. Not just the Patronus, it also lets you find your ideal wand type, which Hogwarts house do you belong to and plenty of more fun activities. You have to play quizzes to get the answers to these questions. In fact, you might end up doing what I always do after visiting this website, that is reading the Harry Potter books again and watching the movies. It is like a never ending loop of procrastination and wasting time, but such a fun way to do it!

7. The Onion

The Onion

If you want to just kill time on internet having fun, you should really read this online satirical newspaper called The Onion. Their articles are not just funny, they are historical and you will go ROFL reading them. The newspaper was started back in 1988 and till today they have maintained a very high standard of writing that incorporates humour and sarcasm. You should really read the headlines which are so funny that you will end up clicking on those articles and reading lots of them at one go. Like one of their headlines was “Buyer of 450 million dollar Da Vinci painting sort of assumed that it would come with frame.” Hilarious!

8. Lifehacker


Lifehacker is a website which is like the hub of super productive tricks and tips. It gives you super interesting information that a very important and incredibly useful but no one had ever taught them to you. Not just productive tips and tricks, this website also gives you other important tips like how to save money, lots of hacks for different uses of household items and plenty of other related articles. Articles like “can you peel a mango in under 10 seconds?”, “4 different length of an app that benefit you in different, very specific ways” and so on. But they just don’t have fun they articles, they also have some very amazing and in-depth articles and other helpful listicles that will help you get through daily life like a pro. This website is so interesting that once you get on it there is no coming back from it.

So, the next time you feel like just wasting time on internet, why don’t you spend it on something that you will find super interesting and will keep visiting back?


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