The 80s are Back and it Calls to Revamp The Wardrobe!!!

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The 80’s fashion statement was actually very flamboyant, royal and made use of bold colors and patterns. Needless to mention the permed hair along with the bold fashion! Right from the oversize blazers to ripped tights to bellbottom pants to ruffled blouses to flare collars, every style statement is coming back and totally rocking. Youngsters are falling in love with these fashion statements and are flaunting the styles in the same essence or by doing some sort of fusion to create a unique outstanding look. If you too are a fashion buff and love to not miss on any latest fashion trends, then check out our curated list of 80’s style statements that are totally in vogue!

 Jerry Hall

It was 1883 when Jerry Hall sported a black polka dot dress along with black stilettos. The extra zing got added with the wide-brim red hat, and a matching belt around the waist. Polka dots are ruling again. You can opt for a similar belted polka dot dress or a crop top with a tie-up and team it up will culottes or palazzos.

Here we see the three models showcasing their flamboyant power suits while on a casual walk down the street. You can see the stilettoes matching the dress color. You too can opt for the oversized comfy coats or a collared jumpsuit teamed up with funky belts.

It was 1982 when Pat Cleveland, during the New York Fashion Week was snapped in a metallic blue party dress at Marc Bouwer’s runway show. The online portals and good labels have inculcated similar metallic styles in leotards, sheath dresses, skater skirts, and even the pants for a stunning party look.

In 1982, Jerry Hall and Marie Helvin looked fab in black and white outfits at the Royal Ascot. If you remember the movie ‘Aisha’ which flaunted enigmatic fashion styles, Sonam Kapoor and her friends too had sported similar looks at the polo match. This sophisticated look with the classy hats and pearl necklaces is an all-time favorite.

In 1984 Paris Fashion Week, a model in an all-green look and matching sunglasses walks and poses on the Claude Montana runway. Colors like green, lime are totally in and can add a dash of freshness to your look. And talking about the flared pants, they look spectacular with crop tops or collared shirts tucked in.

In a Dynasty promo photo, Linda Evans, Diahann Carroll, and Joan Collins are seen wearing shoulder pad dresses, fur coats, and pearls. Such minimalistic yet classy look can make turn heads in whatever gathering you are.

On an official visit to Kuwait, Princess Diana was snapped in a red and pink Catherine Walker dress and a matching Philip Somerville hat. Such kind of attire is still donned by the ladies of the royal family even today, which speaks for itself without having to accessorize much.

Grace Jones can be seen in a colorful look and spandex leggings at an after-party succeeding the Grammy Awards in 1983. Various top-notch brands can offer you such spandex leggings in various fluorescent colors like purple, lime or orange and are bound to grab eyeballs while you hit the gym or on a casual outing.

A picture of the 1980s when Sarah Jessica Parker sported a boxy blazer, high-waisted comfort jeans, and white sneakers. Comfort blue denim and white sneakers have been a perfect combo since ages and boxy blazer can certainly add spunk to your look.

Madonna sporting a hip look by wearing cross jewelry and her signature rubber bracelets for a photoshoot. When Madonna can, so can you! It’s not always necessary to flaunt gold trinkets or diamonds. If worn correctly, even junk jewelry can make you look chic.

Salt-N-Pepa in matching appearances for an official portrait session in 1988. This hip hop look rules even today amongst the youngsters who love to sport a cool look. This casual look with caps, jackets, and chains is especially popular amongst hip hop lovers.

They are the partygoers donning cowboy boots for a night out at Studio 54. And undoubtedly cowboy boots even today make a chic style statement. You can team up your cowboy boots with skinny pants, flared skirts and sheath dresses.

Diana Ross in a black and white striped jumpsuit for at the Embassy Nightclub in London. Does it look like an 80’s picture? It seems to be today’s era when every girl likes to sport jumpsuit, especially the striped ones!

In the ’80s, Punk rock style prospered in London-with fishnets, studs and chains as the go-to accessories. You can style similar fishnet legwear under a tight skirt or denim shorts, and team it up with chains and studs to glam up.

It was 1982 when Brooke Shields posed a killer look in a turtleneck and stylish checked blazer. Winters are on their way, so make sure to indulge in some turtlenecks. They look amazing with just a scarf, coat or blazer.

A denim street style outfit clubbed with a dramatic hairdo snapped on King’s Road in London. Can you ever go wrong with denim? Never!! If you don’t know what to wear, always club your denim with a white t-shirt, however minimalistic, you will always look great.

In 1983, a model dons a suited cardigan look at an Anne Klein exhibition. You too can team up your cardigan with a suit and club it with a slouchy cap for casual yet elegant look. A pair of boots or even stilettoes can complete your guise.

A model in an LBD (little black dress) with pink pouf detailing poses at Yves Saint Laurent’s runway show during 1987 Paris Fashion Week. If you love flamboyance, add a dash of extravaganza to a gathering by wearing your LBD with poufs.

Cindy Crawford snapped in an oversized black leather jacket in New York in 1988. Wear hot pants underneath an oversized jacket and team up with leather boots, especially during the winters, if the cold doesn’t bother you, to make the jaws drop wherever you go.

Joan Collins wearing a ruffle shoulder gown, lace gloves, and diamonds as Alexis Carrington in Dynasty. Diamonds, black attire, and a blood-red lipstick can make any woman look stunning and desirable. Ruffled sleeves are back in fashion and are great to hide the bulge in your arms. Win-win!

These pictures are of the ’80s but don’t seem to be like it. Yes!!! The 80’s fashion is back and without a doubt, you can splurge on some revamping. Indulge in some flared pants, polka dots, big collars, oversized jackets, and even cowboy boots to don a ravishing look at any event to come. Happy splurging!

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