9 Beauty Tips To Look Stunning This Diwali

Beauty Tips To Look Stunning This Diwali
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Diwali is around the corner, and with it comes a hectic social calendar jam-packed with excuses to dress up and slay in a glamorous make-up. Whether you are celebrating with family, partying with friends or getting decked up for the office party, let’s take a look at these quick hair and Beauty Tips To Look Stunning This Diwali.

1-Slay The Smokey Eye

Slay The Smokey Eye

Smokey is the talk of the town, and we don’t think it is going away anytime soon! Thisseasonget your hands on a charcoal eyeliner and some sparkly eyeshadow to add that extra glitz and glamour.

The key is to blend thoroughly- use a softercolorin the corner of your eye and add the darker shades as you blendthe way out.

2-Go For Fuss-Free Stunning Curls

Go For Fuss-Free Stunning Curls

Each season has its trend, but one can never go off beam with tumbling tousled curls. Heated rollers are an effortless way toachieve this classic beauty look, and they can be worn while you wrap your Diwali presents for easy multitasking!

3-Practice contouring

Practice contouring

This one is not the easiest of Beauty Tips so make sure to practice before you hit the Diwali party. For extra shine focus on the highlighting aspect for a fresh-faced glow!

4-Take Care Of Your Mane Beauty

Take Care Of Your Mane Beauty

Every kind of hair type can enduredryness during the winters from the unvarying switching between the cold outside to the heat indoors.

The change in temperatures not only dries out your hair but also makes them fall. So, start using a moisturizing conditioner at least once a week and use a deep-condition hair mask for additional shine.

5-Get Your Nails Done

Get Your Nails Done

If you’re going from a party to another party or traveling across the town to meet relatives, you don’t have time to pop to a salon to top up your manicure game. So, try out gel nails as they make a great alternative as they will last from Diwali to New Year’s Eve without chipping at all. You can pick a wintery shade such as plum for anelegant look. A perfect Beauty Tips To Look Stunning This Diwali!

6-Keep Your Skin Moisturized Always

Keep Your Skin Moisturized Always

Winter can be cruelto your skin because the air dries it out completelyand can cause problems likepsoriasis and eczema which can flare up. Ensure that you drink more water and moisturize every morning while your skin is still damp.

7-Show-Off Your Pearly-White Smile

Show-Off Your Pearly-White Smile

All the delicious cakes, desserts and mithai consumed during autumn can inflicthavoc on your teeth, So,get your hands on some whitening strips and use them sparingly to cover up any stains.

8-Exfoliate Your Lips Properly

Exfoliate Your Lips Properly

In this Beauty Tips, make your lips luscious and healthy this party season by exfoliating them regularly. Just mix some honey and brown sugar and thoroughly rub on your lips for a quick, natural fix.

9-Glow up!

Glow up

The winter layers can take away all your summer tan, so if you want a natural glow, then opt for a regular fake tan to put together the color for a natural finish slowly.

Follow these Beauty tips to look extra ravishing this Diwali !


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