A one-day workshop in Chhattisgarh to spread awareness on menstrual hygiene Zareen Khan invited as the chief guest.

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Image Source: koimoi.com

Actress Zareen Khan talks about the importance of menstrual hygiene during a one day workshop in Chhattisgarh conducted by the state government last Tuesday in order to create awareness on menstrual hygiene. The workshop witnessed many girls from Chhattisgarh participating in the initiative.

Zareen Khan, who was invited as the chief guest for the workshop said “I am humbled to be invited for such an important cause. It is a great initiative taken by the government and I am more than happy to create awareness through my speech.”

It is not the first time when Chhattisgarh has come up with something like this. Last month, 1200 women in Chhattisgarh’s Raigarh formed a sanitary napkin shaped human chain as a part of awareness session conducted by the state government, to educate women on safe menstrual hygiene practices.

Interestingly, very few of us know that every year May 28 is celebrated as Menstrual Hygiene Day globally. It is appalling to know that still 62% of Indian women in the age group of 15-24 are using cloth during periods, repetitively. A survey conducted by Women Health Organization reveals that 43% of Indian women do not have access to sanitary napkins while 36% of women hesitate in buying sanitary pads with other customers in the store. The report states it to be the major reason for not adopting good menstrual practices and relying on cloth apart from lack of awareness on it.

Zareen Khan in her speech said, “I thank Akshay Kumar for showcasing the cause so beautifully through his film PadMan.” The movie PadMan, starring Akshay is based on the story of a real-life superhero who invented the low-cost sanitary napkin manufacturing machine to bring a change in the traditional menstrual hygiene practices.