A study reveals that Biryani and Butter Chicken are the top searched Indian food dishes globally

Biryani and Butter Chicken are the top searched Indian food dishes globally
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Food is not for just the tummy; it is for our mind and our heart! Good food can not just satiate our hunger but help us say goodbye to our worries and has the innate power to elevate our mood.

By the way, we at Gossip ki Galliyan have thrown light on one of the queerest facts regarding food. Moreover, this fact is a matter of pride for all Indians.

With so many countries around, so many cuisines of different flavors, and with such different tastes of all the people around the world, can you imagine what are the most searched Indian food dishes globally???

They are Butter Chicken and Biryani!!!

Yes, we are not kidding. A recent study has presented these facts.

Indian food dishes
source: https://bit.ly/38kYAIr

According to the study, Chicken Biryani has been the most searched Indian food dish globally, with approximately 4.65 lakhs searches each month. It’s not just the Chicken Biryani that has etched a mark in the global list. Butter Chicken, Chaat, Samosa, Naan, Palak paneer, Daal makhani, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, dosa were also among the top 10 most searched Indian dishes.

Butter Chicken is favorite North Indian dish which is savored by most of the nonveg eating Indians was searched for approximately 4 lakh times, Samosa – an omnipresent North Indian snack was searched for about 3.9 lakh times a month, while chicken tikka masala was searched for 2.5 lakh times a month as per the SEMrush study.

Dosa- the indispensable South Indian food followed closely with an average search of 2.28 lakh times a month, while naan, tandoori chicken, chaat, dal makhana, palak paneer too didn’t lag in the search numbers, as per the study.

The Head of Communications, SEMrush, Fernando Angulo, said: “We’re not very surprised by these results because the Indian diaspora living overseas has carried its culinary preferences everywhere it has settled. As a significant number of those living overseas are Punjabi, it’s unremarkable that food most associated with their culture is the most searched online.”

He further added, however, “Our study presents enterprising chefs living overseas and in India an opportunity because it reveals the size of the market for a run of the mill and more exotic Indian foods. Restaurateurs who are willing to break the mold have an idea of the size of the market they can expect to cater to.”

The study also showed that most of the people abroad tend to equate Indian food with the most popular Punjabi food.

Indian food dishes
source: https://bit.ly/37ok1a1

As far as snacks are concerned, piquant and aromatic Samosa and chaat ranked amongst the ten most hunted food preparations online. People who searched for these dishes on the Internet likely included those people who are familiar with North India as both these food preparations are very popular and thoroughly enjoyed, especially by the people of North India.

Also, it is interesting to note that the only vegetarian dishes on the list were palak paneer and dal makhani, yet another popular north Indian dish. Their presence on the list confirmed to the fact that the global audience’s love for North Indian food is evident.


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