AB De Villiers A cricketing cathedral

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The world would stand up in awe when he went down on one knee to smack it for a maximum over fine leg. We were in “aww” again as he went down on one knee at the world’s foremost symbol of love, the Taj Mahal, to ask Danielle if he could grow old with her. And she said yes!



Wasn’t he the dream son-in-law every mother would have dreamt of, the ideal comrade one looked out for, the model who awed us, the father who inspires, the husband who goes the extra mile, the perfect opponent players loved to engage with and has announced a retirement we never wanted!

For someone so out of this world with everything he did on the cricket field, ABD had no right to retire. He was the reason many took up cricket as a passion, some as recreation and a myriad more as inspiration!

He was the Thanos who never snapped a finger, never needed the gauntlet and never bothered about a single damn stone and still had the world eating out of his hands!

His heart bled green and gold and he literally wore his heart on his sleeve!



Whenever he performed well, he was quick to credit the same to his teammates while when he lost he would squarely put the blame on himself. Such righteousness is reserved for the gods and gods don’t retire!

Mediocrity was an alien concept to the man from Pretoria. AB De Villiers isn’t just a name; he is an era in himself!

For a man who is much more than the staggering numbers he has to his name, it’s amazing how a simple number (Mr 360) aptly described one of the greatest batsmen to have ever walked the face of this earth.

His retirement couldn’t have been more decisive and represented his batsmanship in more ways than one; bold, beautiful and benign was AB in a humble admission to the world!



He has triggered a wave of tears, nostalgia, throwback and astonishment in equal measure across the world with his announcement of retirement from all forms of international cricket.

I hope this was all a dream I just woke up from. I am storming my eyelids with water hoping to see ABD turn up again in colours of any kind!

Not all things ABD come to an end. But this one has.



Thank you for making us believe that belief is everything! Thank you for making us believe that a 31-ball-100 and a 244-ball-25 could be achieved by a single human being.

We never needed a 200 from you to realize what a talent you are! All it took was a look, a glance, a smile, a wave back to the crowd, a look into the skies above, giving the charge and telling us these little things is what makes an ABD!

They say getting to the top is easy, staying there is the tough part! And then ABD smiled!



Try me? Will Ya?

ABD is surely a cricketing cathedral we could visit at will and come out rejuvenated every single time!