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What We Are

Woah… a baby is born! It’s the moment of a lifetime when a new being enters the world. And everyone in the family is gushing in delight about the newborn. And believe us; this act of raving about the just born gave rise to the word gossip!

We strongly believe in GossipKiGalliyan as our newborn ready and raring to rule the world. While you all gossip about us, let us take you back to the AHA moment which gave rise to GossipKiGalliyan.

We talked about how the world needs news and opinions that help it grow admirably. Few salads and martinis later, the ideas struck gold and GossipKiGalliyan was born!

At Gossip Ki Galliyan, we are on a mission to change the way gossip is looked at. We are building a world like the dreams we have seen, one gossip at a time.

Be it our taste in fashion and beauty, a probing perspective on all things politics, a penchant for Bollywood news and gossip or a keen eye on the world of sports GossipKiGalliyan believes in donning multiple hats to drive home the point.

We are ardent travellers too and paint our world in various shades of humour. And yes, all of that with professional ease! Ssshh… We go viral every day!