An Owl Found in an Aircraft at Mumbai Airport

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The flight engineers at the Mumbai airport were surprised to see a freeloading owl onboard in the Jet Airways Boeing 777. The barn owl was sitting beside the window near the flight commander’s seat. The cabin crew couldn’t suppress their smiles on finding the winged flyer in the cockpit when the airplane was night parked at Chattrapati Shivaji Airport. Later, the bird was handed over to the Fire Department of Mumbai Airport Limited for its release. As the little birdie was caught red-handed, it didn’t really create chaos when the aircraft staff attempted at getting it out. The owl even managed to get selfies and pictures clicked!

Jokes onboard!
An Owl Found in an Aircraft at Mumbai Airport
Internet went crazy and soon the netizens started coming up with jokes in no time. Some called it ‘Hedwig’ from Harry Potter series. Twiterrati Bhavya Sharma wrote, “He was delivering a letter. Got tired and took flight. Bad muggles caught him. Poor bird”. One of the other Twitter users Rakesh Kamboj said the bird was like the drunken friend who says, “Aaj gaaditerabhaichalayega!” We get it Captain Barn Owl, flying can be really tiring but it’s illegal to fly without a ticket, you know! The ground staff thinks the nocturnal bird might have gotten in the aircraft at Aircraft at Mumbai Airport night when one of the doors was left ajar.

Similar Instances

An Owl Found in an Aircraft at Mumbai Airport

While discovering exotic animals onboard for illegal poaching isn’t quite unheard of, getting to see birds voluntarily making their entry in the planes is quite unusual. In the month of January, a mynah bird was found hitching a ride to London from Singapore. The sophisticated birdie chose the business class for migrating. The bird was discovered after twelve hours of take off!

It seems like with the ever-changing times, the birds have also level-upped their game and wouldn’t settle for anything less than a lavish aircraft for travelling!


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