All You Need to Know About Pet Healthcare Services in India

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Pets are a gift sent to us by God. They make our life brighter & happier with their cuteness and jovial nature. They make us complete. There has been a recent increase in the number of pet adoptions in India and there’s no exaggeration in saying that Indians have become sensitive to the needs of their pets. They wish to do the utmost for them and money is no object! With increased purchasing power of individuals, the lifestyle of pet parents and pets have improved. Thanks to technology as well! Artificial Intelligence has upped the game. With their assistance, the doctors can better interpret the reports and data and cure the patients.

Technology has played a major role in bridging the gap between pet parents, pets and pet related services. Many Indian pet-related brands are emerging in the market with their own unique services. For instance, Wiggles that offers Wiggles Box, Vet on Call and Grooming Services. By simply booking convenient time slots, a professional vet can come to your home and treat/groom your furball. No going out and facing the heavy traffic! Nowadays, you can even avail vet consultations through video conferencing and get prescription through an email.


Pet food brands are slowly coming up with products that are home-made, pet- and pocket-friendly. These have been developed after observing the increased demand in health-conscious individuals. They don’t only want the best for themselves but also for their pets. Now, regarding safety. Heard about microchipping? Yes,you can microchip your pet to know about his current whereabouts. It is quite possible that your pet out of excitement or curiosity runs out. Tracking him down then will be easy peasy! No tension of any sort.

Hotels, resorts and workplaces have realised the importance of pets. They provide luxury with both customer- and pet-friendly approaches. There are facilities exclusively for pets that keep them engaged and entertained. If your pet wants to play, simply take him to the pet-zone and have his wish fulfilled. You furball is hungry? Call the room service and let them know what your dog requirements are. They will be more than happy to help! Indians have become avid travellers of late. They don’t wish to leave their four-legged friend behind! That’s why they choose travel destinations that are safe for pets and adventurous for them. Keep two first-aid kits. One for you and one for your pet. You both may need them, you never know! Not sure what to keep in the pet first-aid kit? Call a vet!

Pets are being treated regally by the pet parents and rightly so! They are precious lives and need the support of responsible pet parents. Fortunately, pet parents take their pets today as their own children and bring them up lovingly. Pet Healthcare Services in India are continuously evolving. They are getting diversified too. With commendable pet healthcare services already in place, pet parenting has become easier and gives more fulfilling experience to the pet parent.

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