All you need to know about Swati Maliwal

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Every morning when you look into your newspaper, believe it or not 80% of it is covered with rape incidents. It is the clear indication of the increasing atrocities against women in India. Where are we heading to? Is this the popular ‘modern’ society that we talk about?

After nerve chilling rape cases of Unnao and Kathua, recently an eight-month old infant was brutally raped by her cousin, in Indian capital New Delhi. Swati Maliwal, Delhi Commission of Women Chief (DCW), has taken up the ownership to build the safer environment for women.

Amidst fierce outrage and numerous protests all over India demanding death punishments for the rapists of Kathua rape victim, there was this woman who followed the path of Satyagrah, and relentlessly fought for the safer environment for women. Swati Maliwal, 33, has been on indefinite hunger strike from past ten days at Rajghat, New Delhi demanding more stringent laws, including death penalties, for those raping minors.

Finally, on Saturday she decided to end her hunger strike hours after the Union Cabinet approved an ordinance to give strict punishments, including death penalties, to those convicted of raping girls below 12 years of age.

Here we share with you all that you need to know about Swati Maliwal:

  1. Swati Maliwal, born on 15th October, 1984 in Ghaziabad, she completed her B.Tech (Information Technology) from JSS Academy of Technical Education, UPTU.
  2. The daughter of an army officer, Swati chose social work over corporate job offer from HCL. At the age of 21, she started working for Parivartan- a NGO in Maharashtra.
  3. She is youngest ever Chief of Delhi Commission for Women
  4. Swati, a social activist, participated in 2011 Anna Hazare’s India Against Movement and was the head of the mobilization team.
  5. Interestingly, ever since her appointment as Chief, DCW, she has taken on 12,000 cases of women welfare.
  6. She is married to Naveen Jaihind, who was also an active member in Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement. He is also known for unearthing several scams by filing RTI. She along with her husband has headed many RTI campaigns.
  7. Swati, singlehandedly, started the RapeRoko campaign in January 2018, after the reports of eight-month old baby being raped.
  8. She was on an indefinite hunger strike from April 13, to get central government’s attention towards the increasing heinous crimes against the minor girls in our nation. She was demanding more strict laws in this matter.
  9. She is associated with a NGO co-founded by Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia. The NGO is named as Parivartan.
  10. She was accused of Nepotism after her appointment as DCW Chief. It is being said that she is Arvind Kejriwal’s relative and this was the only reason why she was appointed at the post. Though, Kejriwal, denied all these accusations by saying that it was done purely on the merit basis.
  11. It is being said, that during her initial terms, she crack down the brothels of GB Road to deal with women and child trafficking cases.
  12. Mailwal is said to be the youngest member of India Against Corruption core committee, the group from which AAP party was born.
  13. Her sole motive behind the hunger strike was to bring a positive change for women in India.

After winning a historic battle for women’s safety she said, “I was fighting alone but then I was supported by people across the country. I think this is a historical victory in independent India. I congratulate everyone on this victory.”